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Something needs to be done about Thug spam. It's too easy for a player with 3-HP Thugs and the use of Charity to force a Poison Dagger Master Thief to always use his one attack on one of those Thugs, thereby preventing him from eliminating enemy Gangs that level up without resistance. He needs to be given a means to bypass enemy Thugs (but not Villains and Henchmen), perhaps adding such a skill to the end of the Skulldugery Sneakery tree.

In one of my current games (which is closing in on Turn 20), my opponent has been plopping two 3-HP Thugs on either side of my Guild Hall's exit point for the last 8+ turns, forcing me to use my Master Thief's one attack to kill one of them to acccess the remainder of the map. So now I'm unble to threaten his 2-HP Gang (also note that he no longer needs to add Thugs to them, since my Master Thief must always use his one attack on a Thug), since newly hired Gangs come with only 1 Damage. So any Gang I hire is immediately killed by his Gang on his next turn.

It's not a fun experience when a player has no means to deal with such a map state.

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Totally agreed... and I am the guy that who was doing that spam, in that game.

I suggested a simple workaround elsewhere, as this exploit is probably not at all what the author had in mind when designing the thug: maybe making the thief's lair have 2 exits (i.e, a backdoor) once the back of the building is scouted?


I agree, and we'll be making changes to nerf this strategy soon. The suggestion about a skill that allows the master thief to bypass enemy obstacles is interesting. I think what we'll likely do - to start, at least - is just designate a set of protected tiles around each guild. Enemies will be able to pass through those tiles, but not stop on them.

skills, or special ability picked up in a buildng.