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What does this mean?

  • (Most) levels now have a visual 'crust' around their edges
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Something needs to be done about Thug spam. It's too easy for a player with 3-HP Thugs and the use of Charity to force a Poison Dagger Master Thief to always use his one attack on one of those Thugs, thereby preventing him from eliminating enemy Gangs that level up without resistance. He needs to be given a means to bypass enemy Thugs (but not Villains and Henchmen), perhaps adding such a skill to the end of the Skulldugery Sneakery tree.

In one of my current games (which is closing in on Turn 20), my opponent has been plopping two 3-HP Thugs on either side of my Guild Hall's exit point for the last 8+ turns, forcing me to use my Master Thief's one attack to kill one of them to acccess the remainder of the map. So now I'm unble to threaten his 2-HP Gang (also note that he no longer needs to add Thugs to them, since my Master Thief must always use his one attack on a Thug), since newly hired Gangs come with only 1 Damage. So any Gang I hire is immediately killed by his Gang on his next turn.

It's not a fun experience when a player has no means to deal with such a map state.

Currently, it's difficult to see red footsteps in squares that are located behind certain builds. Perhaps you could allow the player to make the buildings temporarily transparent, assuming you can't make the map rotatable.

So if my opponent burgles for the first time a building that shows dark for me, it will continue to show dark for me? In other words, only buildings I burgle for the first time change from dark to light?

Per the devs:

"Burgling a large money sack will either give 2 coins or 1 lantern, with about a 25% chance of getting 1 lantern. Small sack always gives 1 coin. THere's no way to know what you'll get from a large sack ahead of time."

I think I've received nothing, at times, when burgling a dark building (which means it hasn't be burgled, yet). So I'm not certain dark buildings always have a large money sack waiting, or if there's a chance it contains nothing.

Suggestion: add a button that allows the player to replay his opponent's previous turn while in-game. Currently, one has to click the gear icon, click to return to the MP screen, and click the Play button. So the required clicks would be reduced from 3 to 1.

My suggestion comes from reading many board game rule books, so I blame them! I'm looking forward to seeing what you folks decide on!

Minor inconsistency: the description of the Saboteur is not consistent across all instances:

  • On Purchase bar, "Traps buildings and reveals Districts. (one-time use.)"
  • In Thieves Guild, "Traps buildings, scouts tiles."
  • On the streets, "Traps a building, or reveals a District. (one-time use.)"
I suggest using "Traps a Building or Reveals a District (one-time use)"

General notation comments:

  • Capitalizing game elements, such as the name of map locations and actions (Buildings and Reveals/Scout/etc., respectively), makes it easier for players to understand and follow
  • Within (), periods are not normally used to end a phrase, unless the phrase ends in an abbreviation
I'm not trying to be picky. I'm just trying to make the tooltips easier on the eyes, more easily understood, and consistent. :-)

It looks like the MT can scout, at most, three squares into the FoW.

Is there any way to rotate the map? I ask, because the money bag that's displayed above buildings can be completely obscured by minions (I clicked on the building to see if it could be burgled, and it could, despite me not being able to see the money bag icon).

Question: what determines how far one's Master Thief can move with a single AP when scouting?