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Minor inconsistency: the description of the Saboteur is not consistent across all instances:

  • On Purchase bar, "Traps buildings and reveals Districts. (one-time use.)"
  • In Thieves Guild, "Traps buildings, scouts tiles."
  • On the streets, "Traps a building, or reveals a District. (one-time use.)"
I suggest using "Traps a Building or Reveals a District (one-time use)"

General notation comments:

  • Capitalizing game elements, such as the name of map locations and actions (Buildings and Reveals/Scout/etc., respectively), makes it easier for players to understand and follow
  • Within (), periods are not normally used to end a phrase, unless the phrase ends in an abbreviation
I'm not trying to be picky. I'm just trying to make the tooltips easier on the eyes, more easily understood, and consistent. :-)

I'm (for real) super fussy about copy-editing so I really appreciate this sort of feedback!

(Edited 1 time) (+1)

One thing I slightly disagree with, though, is the capitalization of game-specific nouns and verbs. Or more specifically, I agree with the sentiment, but the capitalization looks unattractive to me. What I prefer is bolding or coloring those words instead, which I'll look into!

My suggestion comes from reading many board game rule books, so I blame them! I'm looking forward to seeing what you folks decide on!