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Hello ! Is it possible, or could it be a feature to filter tags out in the search ?
Horror games are great. But sometimes (often...) I'd like to find other game type when filtering game by "Popular".

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I found Larry, unfortunately

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Hmm. You must be confusing panicking civilians with aliens. 🤔

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Maybe not new. But still one of the most enjoyable Fire rescue platformer around !

Eeerh... I won't be as enthousiactic as the crowd 😅

Ok the art is original and molly character interresting (I didn't know her). the camera movement is interresting. But, I feel that, with this team, it should be possible to do way better. 

As if it was cheezy, but more on the "lacking" side, while much more could be done on building the tension and the atmosphere. It might just be in the writing though. Just a few well placed words ?

Its is tough !
I love the graphics though

I am looking forward playing it then !

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Oh Ok. And it is still in development ? I see a V2 to be donwloaded but a pre-order button.
Edit : I have purchased it. But the V2 download does not start...

Hello ! Nice to see a V2. But 20 USD... It can be a lot !
How much content / game length can we expect ?

I was hoping that there where some deep truth lurking behind it ;-)

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Hey ! Another very interresting idea. I might try the mecanism with another setting (crossover with A Sunless Space during the struggle creation)

There is a small issue though on the card "YEARS" : the choice 6 is cut. Should it be followed by "TIME BEVER STOPS" ? Or a reroll ?

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[Typo ?]
Is on purpose that in "EP.II: The Day Of" the words "planned something special, better equipped themselves, grew closer as a team" are written twice, or is it a typo ?

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Ok. Interresting. Actually, I would call it "Reckless" then.

I really love that very short format though, with these 3 phases. I'll try to gather some friend to play it.

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Hello. That's weird : none of your 2 games work on my computer. A screen appears and then is gone. However other Godot games work fine on my machine. Are you sure that you have shipped all the files that go in the build ?

The graphics look very interresting, though.

EDIT : I have seen that other poeple have been able to play and rate you game in the Jam. So, it must be on my side ...

hello ! very Interresting idea ! I love these 3 phases.

I wonder though if the rebel stat choices have not been mixed up ?
I would go for this :
- Yourself : +fight, -belief
You are ready to fight for your survival, but don't really fit in a larger scheme.

- Others : +sacrifice, -fight
You are ready to sacrifice yourself for the others. But are cautious not to cause collateral damage.

- Yet to come : +belief, -sacrifice   
you believe in your cause, and want to be there to help those to come.

I the creation, I would also add a few things :

  • Oppressor
    • Does it have an ally ? What is this allie's relation with the oppressor, and the rebellion ?
    • An important date in its history ?
    • Did it have a trauma in its history ? Or does it have a fear
    • What is its motivation ? (in general. Not specifically against the rebellion)
  • Rebellion
    • Same questions 

It could be a legit mecanism actually...

sshussh 🤫.... Let your players imagine things far beyong what you written !
My guess is that it is probably the way most incredible internet lore have been created...

Indeed... it is really tough to create proper controls in 0 hour ! 

Actually my " some food for thoughts" sentence, was if we could take this as an allegory to some stuff we might have to do in life !

Ok... I am amazed ! Incredibly simple concept, but so well made. An incredible renewal of the "turning gravity" platformer genre.
I wish to play more !

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Ok. That's incredible for a zero hour jam. Or just for game playing with gravity. I am amazed, and wish to play more !

Aahah... Difficult to adjust when making a game in 0hour ! But at least, I wonder now what is the intendend gameplay.

That's definitelly not what I thought it was...
the music gave me some idea though for future 1 hour games.

I did not understand a word and the controls were a bit rough. But the whole thing felt nice and fun. I loved the voice acting

"Read the tile" could the instruction say !
Hmm, I'd love to see something bad happen when we click the wrong numbers

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Well done !

Ahah, it has a been a Developer's Nightmare, but you have made it !
It would have been fun if the bomb exploded when we make a mistake (with tricky coded, such as 124356

Oddly, that game has some Terra Nil vibes!

Oh. Simple, yet interresting rule.

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Would there to some irony behind this game ? This can't be possible, though.

Ah... I am not sure that I understood what to do ... I love the abstract aesthetic though.

Ahah... The rain even it tough. And it encourages us to keep the flower dry rather than in its comfort zone. Some food for thoughts ?

Ahh. The game does not seem work on my computer... (a black window opens, then closes)

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Fun use of the word, and interrestting story. Often  the key works work really great with the events, and it participates to the atmosphere. But at times I thought that it was a bit artificial. Still, it was a very refreshing read for something made in 0 hour !

At first, I though that it was the loading screen I was watching, and was patiently waiting for the game ... 😅 I really like the effect when the screen is crowed. 

I might keep that game in mind too, when I'll to to talk online communities...

Turning control into a limited ressource is a nice move !
However, the web version never finished loading on my computer

Even though all graphics have been taken from different source, they create a great atmosphere !

Ah ! I had understood that left/right thing. I'll try again with the distance in mind

Okay... that was weird. I don't regret having played it though. Yet.

Nice unsettling vibes ! Hats on 👍