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You don't need to burn a very big forest, but a forest with loooong frontiers to prairies. So try to organise the that on stage 1.

Also I try tp keep most of the initial trees out of the forest, so I can grow many flowers between them

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I wish there was a tier 4 as a easter egg : the survey.

For example as a "where's waldo" minigame : spot rare animals or plants which live in a specific environments, the frontier between 2 environment, a plant, or some weather.

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Hmm. Now that I understand the Pilon / Port mecanism, I have tried using it more.

The idea to build this network really feels compeling, but it is far too limited and complicated to use (that water removal thing is soo annoying, and fells illogical. Why would we remove a pump if we need to rebuild it right away ?).

I'd love though to play a map where we need to use that network only (no drone), with a mecanism to remove them afterward -> Maybe a specific drone which only removes the pilons, pumps and ports)

If feel that there still a bit of work to be done there, to make as great as it deserves.

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I believe that it is not a bug, but a mecanism which is a bit too convoluted and not selfexplanatory : You need a port next to the silo. And the pilon must either be in reach of this port, or in reach of another port from which it is possible to sail to the silo port.
Bear in mind that the calcifier blocks the navigation. You must get rid of them first.
Also, beware not to remove water pumps too quick (they don't block the navigation)

VfQD went on reply rampage !

Wouha ! It seems that VFQD replied to every single comments yesterday ! Thanks, that's great of you ;-)

Yes. The nature only focus is great ! (And unusual)

QUALITY of LIFE suggestion :

Keep the same item selected after you have placed one.

We often enough place two or more buildings of the same kind in a raw, that it is annoying to click again.

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Some more feedback on ports :

Playing a bit more, I have found the mecanism very interesting, but hard to grasp.

What I did not understand :

  • The silo needs to be close to a river if you want to use deconstruction pylons. (Because they need a port)
  • A remote port needs a port close to the silo to work.
  • Calcifier and pump block the path to the silo (untill you have had a port working, you don't know that a boat will sail between the 2 locations)
    EDIT : Testing more, I realise that pump don't block the path... Another confusion...
  • It took me a while to understand that the error signal next to a port means that it can not connect with the silo
  • From the description, I thought that the first goal (rocket) would normally be achieved before the second goal (restoring the weather). It actually is the other way round

Annoying things  (which did not help understanding what was going on) :

  • Deconstruction pylons need ports, ports need water. So it is very annoying when buildind pylons, you remove the pump and water with it...
    I understand the challenge. But it is a bit too much to understand and master at the same time when you first see the mecanism. (and illogic storywise...)
    Maybe should not the water disappear when a pump is removed ?
  • The bug where polyns don't connect unless you relaod. It makes that mecanism feel very broken and hard to grasp.
    EDIT : Is it a bug though ? If intended behaviour is to build the port after the pylons (but why ?), the fact that they connect after on undo is a bug...

Suggested improvements :

- At stage 3 start, reverse the phrasing of the goal. (and maybe switch the display). For 2 reasons :
  - Storywise, restoring the weather is more important that the material recylcing (if you were to leave without restoring the weather, everything you have done would have been useless).

  - The players NEEDS to restore the weather first to finish the recycling. All that port / conveyor system is just a way to get some cash before you can do the proper cleaning. (Unless a mecanism is added so that pylons and ports can scrapt themselves. Which would be fun - But maybe that's the case in later levels...)

- Add the requirement to the silo that it must be nearby a port.

- Solve that pylon connection bug. (whichever it is)

- Reverse the pylon / port placement logic : Add the port as a requirement for the pylon placement, and make the pylon connected to the port, rather than the other way.

 - When placing a port, highlight the reachable rivers. Make it red if it doesn't reach a port connected to the silo. Dark green when it does.

- If the river path between the silo port and the port you are trying to build is blocked, highlight (and flash ?) the blocking object.

- Tell in the port description that a remote port needs to be able to reach another port, close to the silo

Well, I hope that this feedback will help ! (And also give hints to other players who couldn't make ports/pylons work...) 

A suggestion for this great game : I might be great to be allowed to restart the stage, not necessarely the whole map...

Also, the conveyor / deconstruction pylon still feels a bit cluncky now, with pylons connecting to the port only when reloading the map (move undone). Understanding the intended mecanism required some testing, which was made a bit painfull as loosing stage 3 forces to restart the map.

I have some issues with the deconstruction pylone too. I have noticed that they sometimes connect to the port only when I undo a mine.

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Whouha ! That's a wonderfull game full of surprise (At least the second level blew me away).

A very nice tale about nature restoration.

Enjoy your time off Samy ! (And you know that you are welcome when ever you want in France ;-) )

Great ! That sin wave population looks interresting. I am curious to test it.

hello !

A puzzle fx feedback : on my computer, the end puzzle level animation is slow and the sounds seems to be streeching very long. My computer might be too low end to handle that.

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Giving purpose
Very quick, (for example after reaching level 25), I feel a lack of purpose. Ending was great at making you wish to reach level 8.
I don't know what you make the player wish to keep playing (and staying faithfull to the name "Unending"). Maybe through counting (a displaying on a screen) the number of creature combinations the player has met, or interracted with (bumped into, pushed, switched placed or killed)

When the player reaches increasinlgy larges numbers of different creatures, he could be rewarded with something (a random text ?).

And it would turn the player into a hunter. (I want to catch that bullet ! I want to make that encased explosive and  hooked arrow multiplayer explode...)

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Room connections
Maybe could the connections between rooms have more variety : In ending it was a wall with one opening only. Right now in Unending it is a fully opened wall.
But we could  have different styles of connections :

  • now wall (unending style)
  • 1 one small opening (endind style)
  • A large opening
  • doted line (wall-empty-wall-empty...)
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I love  bullets ! The problem though, is that they tend to die very quick...
A bullet launcher would be great !
There could be a variety of them, based on their shooting frequency (1, 2, 3, 4 turns), and directions  (1, 2, 3 or 4 directions).

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Ah, it is great to see that you are working on an ending evolution ! And I understand that present version is very experimental (testing new mecanism, visualisation, how they fit together...).

Some raw feedback though ! The good :

  • The distorsion effetc on swapping  is nice !
  • The undo is great too (it is difficult to go back playing ending without missing that feature)
  • The colors to make the difference between friends and foe  work great.
  • The hook mecanism is great !
  • The generated sounds are great.

The "I am not so sure" :

  •  the gradual color shift to remote objects is a bit tough to understand at first and not very easy to read. (that's many color shades, which gets confusing)
  •  I miss the different doors from ending : we had to struggle a bit more ot reach next level but could still make the decision to backtrack if it was too tough. The way the wall opens is interesting though.
  • The red animation in multiplier is a bit confusing to me : I connected that color with the bombs. so was confused at what was going on
  • When we wake other creatures (friend or foe) up, often their first move is to kill something (still sleeping). I makes the whole board fell extremelly chaotic ! I fist I just got a feeling of confusion.

The "It is difficult to understand"

  • It took me a while to understand why enemies with a hook where killing me. (I did not understand that, it we where hoocked, I was pulling him with me on my move, and that afterward he was making is move and thus killing me.)
  • It took me a long a long time to understand that the doted lines were a shield. Because most shield protected foes I first encoutered where in a greay box (so already invulnerable to me)
  • There are some behaviour (in combinations) I don't really understand : why does an orange circle in a box and a bomb don't move away from me ?

Well, that's a bunch of raw feedback. But I am curious to see how unending will evolve ! Ending had a very minimalist vibe, with a limited set of mecanism cleverly displayed and combined ; while Unending fells much more chaotic, which could be a very good thing too.

Oups. Sorry. I'll do that.

Ah right.
Ok,  some unreasonable suggestion : "conversion". That ability would convert the objet it touches to its color (from bleu to orange, and vice-versa)

"Generic conversion" : conversion given to a grey object, it would swap from to bleu to orange, and orange to bleu.

Unending community · Created a new topic some feedback !
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Being able to send message to other players, like bottles thrown in the sea, which would be found at random on the planet, . (See )

  • Stake : if one trains element touches it, it gets stuck
  • Backward : when something hits it, everything, except that thing, goes one step back in time (and objects resurect)

That's a very interresting game, but it gets difficult to understand what is going on very quick. Maybe is it more interresting that good now? (Ending was easier to get)

  •  A way to get a description of the different traits would be nice (what it does, what it looks like)
  • Limited undo ? (as proposed above)
  • Some crazyness : when a level is created over an old one, all previous objects are still there, but with added traits.
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Hey that version still works on my android. Thank you st33d ! 

(The Store version didn't)

I have just discovered that projetc ! That's so great Mr. St33d !

As a simple player I could suggest that you directly modify the game files, and post them somewhere here as a mod.

That would great !

Hello ! A few years ago, I remember playing on android something which probably was the first version. Nice to see it coming back.

Has anything changed since last version ?

Even without the Fermi Paradox thing, it  is a very good simulation to understand how spiral arms form.

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The concept is very interresting and the writting is great. It reminds me of other great space exploration interactive fictions such as "Seedship", "Superluminal Vagrant Twin" or "Even the Stars".

I fell however that I am missing a purpose to really get hooked. I don't know what it could be... Maybe somewhere to drop the knowledge I gathered, the perspective of dying -or changing- with age, the perspective of settling down somewhere and have an epilogue which would depend on hour exploration ? Or maybe somehow, putting a tiny little bit more emphasis on the missions ?

I'll spend more time investigating it though. It might be very inspiring.

Sanguine Rose is not just an erotic game (well, maybe more that just erotic ... It is -very- explicit), which it does well with beautiful art and intense writing.

But is also a clever game, where every playthrough you get a bit more information to get the full scale of the story. That's done in an interresting way : the characters personality changes depending on your decisions, but their background remain the same. Except that you only gets small bits of it each playthrough. In the end, it builds a consistant world, with slightly shifting characters.

Very interresting (and hot) experience, to satisfy your lust and your mind.

Hey I just to let you know, your game is still source of inspiration for my own project.

Hello ! A nice ! I wanted since a long time to try a game involving a war from orbit. There are not that many... I'll give i t try...

Interresting. And how do you see the interraction of your base with the outerworld ?

For example would it make you more competent (through whichever mecanism) for exploration ?

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Unrealworld is more than just a game... But a 2 decade long adventure of two friends, exploring medieval Finland, and sharing it with us.

URW is both a piece of human and computing history... You definitelly should try it.

A game with my 25 year old nickname... This is precious.

Really great game !

I love it, and would like to see more ! But what exactly, I am not sure...
Maybe more interactions with other players ?

I'd fell that terrains change much to the game... Maybe is ther something to do there ? (Movement, bonus on cities production, or expansion costs)

Same here. That's exactly the kind of atmosphere I was looking for.