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I really like that game. A simple yet efficient semi-realistic space sim ! I wish we could have larger zoom, or a least a minimap to see where are the cargo.

Hey thank you for these games !
I love those short bursts of adventure, where the universe is progressively being built.

I have tried Mind Scanners. To be honest, even though the universe is great, I don't like it as much those point & click shots. Too much grinding for me probably...

But anyway, congratulation for those creative explorations !

Hmm. I am playing in the browser. I could not find find how to fish. (I have managed to move in the purchase menu, and paused/unpaused the game by clicking the top right corner. but nothing else.)

eeer... Well for me it is perfect. 

Hey thanks !
Well. Flap would be nice.

Time to fire up unending again !

Hello. Has the game been released yet ? Or is it just a pdf ?

Sounds legit, with the nested nature of cubes

Ah... Really... What is happening in your country, and its western neighbour is really really sad. And extremelly scarry too.
We would love so much to keep playing to everybody's game and keep having fun.

Cube! community · Created a new topic God is a cube
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I suppose that you know that game ?

I don't know if it is good. But its author is deliciously crazy about cubes :

It is fun to read its concept.

Well. Honestly, what is going on is incredibly scarry for all Europe. I mean -deadly- scarry. 
I am convinced that one of the key to solve that, is to keep discussing between populations and reassure russian people that other european people don't want to hurt them. Even though, we -really- don't want to be "freed" either.

If only it was just a game.

Hey, to every russian people visiting here. The world really does not want that war, and has no desire Russian people either. We would love to keep playing together !

10 eggs collected !
That ice is a bit slippery...

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Hmm. I am not sure that the 5x5 grid can be solved without taking risks. But it might work with some extra rules. For example, displaying if the tile has NO neighbouring bomb.

Edit : It is still possible to progress though... very interresting take on minesweeper.

Well ! I have been lucky : I have found the solution on my second paythrough !
Nice amtospheric intro.

Oh ! Thank you for your comment !

Ok  I'll try it tomorrow ! Nice idea.

That's a very promising devlog !

Too bad that I don't have much time right now... I can't wait having the time to sit down a test it to death !

The picture prototype was good too.

Oh... I have just checked Megan Wong's artstation. That's inspiring !

Ah good to know for implementation !

Oups sorry. I meant "any work" not "artwork"...

By the way is there a donation button somewhere, to help you fuel the project ?

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By the way, appart from the gold, will there be any work done on enshadowed places and characters ?

I thought they they were meant to ignore your threats when enshadowed, but I am not sure that this effect is implemented yet (or at least, I can't see it)

That ambitious's ! But you already published a few nice editions and a good demo. So it looks great !

You realise that it is a game whish has been done in a game jam ?
So it is more a prototype than a proper game.
So I don't see how any such game could be called a "A complete, wretched piece of shit."


The place must not be occupied.

Good move from "Behind the throne" to "Forbidden gods" !
Well, at least for me...

I have tried a few times to play "Behind the thrones" 1 and  2, whatched some youtube videos. I do understand while the concept is great, and how nice it is to have those intricates politic things. But I haven't managed yet to get into it...

Forbidden gods is much more straight forward, and lets us focus on what we like : wreaking havoc in the world. And it looks like more fun is coming !

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Hello ! If i am, right, to start a horde, you need an habitability > than 5% !

"and the brief moments the two meet between missions."

This single sentence gets me dreaming. I can imagine how this mecanism could bring really great gameplay.

Yes enjoy your holidays !

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By the way, if you were in need to write random text, such as a short description for each city, which evolve with context (war,...), or flavor rich description for these event, I have written a pretty powerfull and flexible text generator :

I'd love to work with you if you thought it would add something to your game.

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Popup messages are story rich. Which is great

The issue though, with them, is that they might quickly become repetitive and we stop reading them. Unless we know for sure that they bring new and important information. So, to be used with great care and skill !

Hence the use of visual and sound clues for common, yet important informations.

Ahah, I don't worry ;-)

I even though I have suggested things, you have understood that the idea is really to  give feedback on what works or not with one of your players.

But I still thing that the streamlined version is an excellent tool to test and improve the general gamefeel.

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We have forum on, a reddit, and a discord.
Where would be the best place to post feedbacks, bugs and suggestions ?

EDIT : Well, the discord invitation has expired...

Nice idea, these fixed seeds to help the community share their success
A looooong time ago (1984) that's what had been done for Elite (The grand father of Elite Dangerous), with 8 procedural galaxies only. And it worked very well !
Lots of lore and fanfiction have been written and could be shared around these galaxies

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After some more time, I realise what I am missing to enjoy the game : more feedback.
First, it is a really good move from you to have created the streamlined version. As it lets us understand and focus on the core of the game.

The general issue : I don't have fun with the streamlined version. And I don't think that adding new mecanism would improve it. (I use the "I" as it is only my feedback. Others might think very differently...)

Instead, my gut feeling is that it would be much better to the game to stop for a while before implementing new mecanism, and focus and  "the shadow spreading", to create a simple, yet engaging, experience.
And once this is done, elaborating around that gameplay experience.

However, I believe that just a limited number of changes could greatly improve the experience. And most of them involve the feedback which is given to the player:

I did not realise how shadow spreading brought me closer to victory. 
And spreading shadow does not feel rewarding.

I did not realise that reaching 100% enshadowment or infiltration somewhere (through "enshadow" or shadow propagation) was an important achievment. And made that small "Conquest victory %" progress. And it was not perfectly clear that raising that tiny figure was the goal.

In a word, spreading shadow did not bring any feeling of progression

Suggestion :
Wherever a location makes the "Conquest Victory" progress (through enshadowment or anything else), find a way to display it. The simpliest way I know and which works pretty well is the one used in Terra Nil : plenty of particules leaving the place from the map to go to the score.

The reason while it is useful :

  • We know that something important just happened in this location
  • The fact of enshadowing a place becomes rewarding (we love juicy particles !)
  • We understand the link between enshadowing and the score

Maybe there are other ways to display that something happenend. But the idea is to emphase that something just happened on the map, and link it to the score.

Enshadowing rulers is disappointing (and other heros)

I was expecting something fun to happend when fully enshadowing a ruler. But I did not notice any change. Even a hero 100% enshadowed still had 93% motivation to attack me.

suggestion :

It would be extremelly rewarding if we had something fun to do. For exemple, I'd love to be asked to add a random "positive regards" or a "repelled by" among a list. Then, I would get the felling that Enshadowing has an effect on the world and allows me to manipulate people.

Turn based seal breaking is not engaging

Doing nothing and having the seal breaking feels very boring. I would love to get the feeling that my actions count to bring my lord on earth... (Okay, granted : different gods might have different ways to be brought to earth. But this one the is first once. It should be the most engaging for a beginner)

Suggestion :

It would be much more rewarding if the seal breaking was tied to the conquest victory level (or with the number of enshadowed settlements).

Now, I would have a great incentive to keep enshadowing the world ! I want those rewards. I want my god to join us !


With these 3 changes, I feel that the game would suddenly become way more rewarding and engaging : enshadowing (and general game progession) would actually become a mecanism that we feel is important, and we would feel how our actions bring us closer to victory.


EDIT : Hmm, playing more I realise that we do got some feedback when a city is destroyed by an army.  But it is not where we are watching, we can't see it.
Before that I was wondering how I had gained victory points. I did not realize that those ruins where not there at the beginning of the game, that they were caused by the orcs, and that it was helping my progression... It is the same issue I explained with enshadowing.

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But now that I have finally understood some of the game, I wan't to try Shadow Behind the Throne 2, with that political level.

Edit : Well, I have played again Shadow Behind the Throne 2.  Its complexity It still is daunting for enew player...
You have really done a good job with forbidden gods to make it more accessible. Thumbs Up !

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Hmm. That's tough : I really love the idea, that political network, and spreading of the shadow.

And with that new version I have finally managed to wrap my head around the game (I felt totally overwelmed by previous versions).

The issue is that playing is that I do not have fun playing... I don't know what exactly, but something is missing to create the excitment.

I have tried the streamlined version, but shadow spreading just feels tedious, with little reward. When I have finally given 100% enshadowment to a king, I would love to be rewarded with something. But no. He is just at 100%, and I don't have any feedback on what it changes to me...

Actually, I think that I would feel really excited if enshadowment opened new abilities. Even more if they were random. I have in mind Conquest of Elysium 4, where some commanders get random powers when levelling up. As some are really crazy.

Yeah, maybe the missing stuff is creating expectation to the player, and rewarding him with fun new interactions when he achieves to do something.

The game is looks very rich and deep in terms of mecanism. Which makes me want to dig deeper. But I fell that now the main challenge is improve the way they are staged, to bring excitment, challenge and fun to the player.


Well, after writing my comment, I have read the one about the pill, being a medecine.
Okay, it makes sense. But maybe it could have been brougth a bit more clearly, to give its full power to the ending.

very good atmosphere, and good tension in the puzzles.
I was a bit disappointed by the end, though...