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Reporting that it works perfectly in Wine. Steam Deck owners can't escape it!
What a smart game. Only small thing is that the keyboard scheme isn't non QWERTY friendly.

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This didn't work here. I am running OS 10.11 and it simply tells me the application is damaged and I should move it to the trash (not my words, the OS'!).

Good news is the Windows version seems to work perfectly fine through WINE.

The new version crashes systematically on launch here, on OS X 10.11.6.

As a llama appreciator, this looks absolutely lovely, but I am facing a small issue: the game seems to be running at max frames, and this overheats my laptop big time. Any limiter or vsync option you could implement?

Thank you, looking forward to playing it in the summer heat!


I tried 12.1, but I am experiencing the exact same issue.


the application launches, but to a violet screen, and then violet areas everywhere on the title menu, as if it were missing assets.

The unity log, for a launch of about 5 seconds, is quite big, weighting about 1MB, with a tons of entries in the sort of :

<program source>:6:20: note: expanded from macro 'fma'

#define fma(a,b,c) do { (a) * (b) + (c) } while(0)
<program source>:41:15: error: expected expression
    u_xlat0 = fma(Globals.hlslcc_mtx4x4unity_ObjectToWorld[2], input.POSITION0.zzzz, u_xlat0);


Just to let you know the Mac application isn't properly packed. Neither the client version, nor the web download.


Works perfectly now, thank you!


The download bundled in the client is still not working on Macintosh. The web download works.

I do not know where to leave a comment, so I will allow myself to leave it here: starting from a few alphas ago, the Mac executable installed through the itch client has been corrupted in some way: it can't be launched, throwing an OS message that... it can't be launched. No issue with the version I can download manually though.

Great game, cheers!

Hello, awesome style as usual!

I'd like to request a vsync or framerate limiter of some sort: right now, the game overheats my lappies big time.

I am using a Mac with lower specs than quasiotter (2014 MBP, i5, 8GB, OS X 10.11) and haven't experienced any slowdown.

Greetings. Just had a go with the demo, and thought it was so simple, intuitive and charming: I grabbed the game. I am looking forward to spending more time with it, but would have a simple request: I am a laptop user, and the game renders at very high frame count, leading to unpleasant overheating. Could you implement a framerate limit option at some point? 

Anyway, wishing you the best!

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Reporting that launching it through the client indeed worked!

Edit: I'll add some comments. First, it was a pleasant surprise to find a little tutorial: didn't expect that for a first release!

I have only 3 little comments so far :

- it may be my screen, but the stars of the skills in the stat tree are barely visible.
- I am playing on a laptop, and the framerate isn't locked, which leads to noisy and perceptible overheating, especially on the intermission screen. I know this isn't probably high priority right now, but just throwing that in.

I need to get more comfortable with the interface, but besides knowing what ammo or health was left on my guys, it was all very intuitive, and the iconography at the bottom is great. Also hurray for the reverse camera pan option: that was disorienting for me at first ;D Really looking forward to your game!

I am using OS X 10.11.6.


Just to let you know there seems to be something wrong with the package of the Mac version: when extracting it, what should be the content of the .app is unpacked in a standard folder. I tried running the application in the terminal, which works to a point, where it stops working (I suspect it might be looking for ressources and not find them if launched that way).


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Totally agreed... and I am the guy that who was doing that spam, in that game.

I suggested a simple workaround elsewhere, as this exploit is probably not at all what the author had in mind when designing the thug: maybe making the thief's lair have 2 exits (i.e, a backdoor) once the back of the building is scouted?

Later in the game, I seem to remember it got the life upgrade (maybe it was only a display glitch and reloading the game fixed it? Or maybe I had upgraded one my gangs, didn't remember it, and was hallucinating, for all I know now! I haven't been able to check it again.) The map was Masquerade.

Hello, I have encountered a slight issue (sorry if this has been reported already).

I had unlocked second gangs, and upgraded the thugs' den (sorry for the imprecise name). The first gang and the thugs got their health upgrade, but not the second gang.


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Ah, thank you. I wonder if not receiving anything from a dark building isn't tied to the fact that you didn't scout it, but maybe your adversary did, and already retrieved some? That would be logical, although I am not dedicated enough to have tried it myself in a fake hotseat session.

Ah, another small question (it probably was explained in the tutorial, but...) : I thought the burglary reward were 2 coins -> 1 coin -> nothing, but sometimes, when I enter a building, I get a lantern while, honnestly, I am really looking for coins. Is it random, or because the building had already been visited by the other player, or maybe is it tied to the Art Critic perk (it seems to be happening later in the game, although it could just be an impression)?

Thank you for your help in advance.

Thank you for the explanation about the saboteur's scouting: I didn't know (nor figure) you could use to raise the fog on districts.

And aw! the thug nerf is going to hurt the thug lovers ;D

See you in-game!

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I like this game so much! Thank you to the couple of chaps in here that told me about it, and mainly you, guys for making it!

I have some interrogations

The Saboteur description in the "tech tree" specifies it can "scout tiles". Is this a wording only issue, or can he also raise some fog of war in some way?

The few games I have played, excepting a very particular situation (specifically in the very early game, so the MT's dagger isn't upgraded, and right after dispatching the rival's gang) the boosting of health of gangs through Thugs seems like a major waste of ressources. Anybody having the same experience? Is it only a newbie trap so we invest into our gangs thinking we can kick ass with them, while we have to learn to say 'good-bye"? Or maybe it is because I am such a thugs lover *errm*

Related: the bonus to gang's health from upgrading the... whatever the thug place is, doesn't apply for the existing one(s) - only the newly spawned ones - which is the reverse of the behavior of the tech tree upgrades, so a bit of a bummer. But it also makes investing in this building much less interesting in my opinion. Would it be overpowered the other way around?

Finally, is a Friend's list (preferrably, with stats) envisaged for the full game?