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Just to let you know the Mac application isn't properly packed. Neither the client version, nor the web download.


Should be fixed now.

Can you confirm?


the application launches, but to a violet screen, and then violet areas everywhere on the title menu, as if it were missing assets.

The unity log, for a launch of about 5 seconds, is quite big, weighting about 1MB, with a tons of entries in the sort of :

<program source>:6:20: note: expanded from macro 'fma'

#define fma(a,b,c) do { (a) * (b) + (c) } while(0)
<program source>:41:15: error: expected expression
    u_xlat0 = fma(Globals.hlslcc_mtx4x4unity_ObjectToWorld[2], input.POSITION0.zzzz, u_xlat0);

Could you please try 12.1?


I tried 12.1, but I am experiencing the exact same issue.

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Can we please switch to the official forum, I'll continue to uploading new test builds.