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Did you check this?

Please send me you logs


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Can we please switch to the official forum, I'll continue to uploading new test builds. 

Could you please try 12.1?

Should be fixed now.

Can you confirm?

Is it any better now?

You should find some help on the new forum:


Could you please use the new forum?


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Please post your questions on the new forum:


I had previous reports saying the captcha doesn't work on mobile.

Could you please try from a PC?

You cannot change your deployment once committed in multiplayer mode. That would not be fair for your opponents...

Please use the new forum if you have any other questions:

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Are you sure you didn't choose to keep local data when the data sync conflict message appeared?

PS: seriously, come to the new forum please

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Seriously? In this topic? On this forum? XD

I'd like to know what happened EXACTLY though...

Gladiabots community · Created a new topic >>> NEW FORUM


Please create accounts with the same name or with your player's name.

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Changing some config, yes ^^

In the meantime >

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Searching for something that fits the game looks...

I guess it's enough for now ^^

Oh it does matter like any other node.

Yeah, thought about it this week-end but I also fear the players will ask for more control :/

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Intentionaly starting small ;)

I don't understand your last question but you are basically doing it right by using subtrees.

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OK, let's try it!


Added >

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Sounds like a challenge to the other players! ("just saying")

I think you should try to work with less AIs, more generic.

I can increase the limit but you may notice some freezes when modifying them...

The real problem is the map (or your AI?)

On which map did you get a lot of draws?

You have to complete the solo missions to unlock multiplayer


In order to re-focus on the AI design more than the class choices, I'll introduce a new rule in 5.3:

  • You can only use one bot of each special class (shotgun, machine gun and sniper)
  • You can only use special classes for half of your team

I'll activate demotions tomorrow so be sure to play today and keep your score above:

  • 1000 for league 2
  • 1100 for league 3
  • 1200 for league 4

Could you please be more specific in the advantages offered to each side?

Leaderboard hides players that didn't play for more than a week.

Did you notice the new class conditions and filters?

I currently save the name of the AI selected by mission and bot. It will be improved soon.

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Thanks for your input, I feel that too, that's why I'm trying to be very cautious about the bot customization even if I get a lot of requests about it...

PS: I saw the thread about Gladiabots on the Starcraft forum, didn't have time to reply yet.

Yep, it was missing on the roadmap >

I have to admit I choosed's solution for simplicity's sake and it's really not the best forum I've ever used...

I'm a big fan of phpbb and could set one up.

Nope. But all entities are placed on an half unit grid. Which means coordinates are multiples of 0.5.

For example (- 3.5, 4), (0, 6.5), etc

I'm using GFX47