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>>> NEW FORUM Sticky

A topic by GFX47 created 192 days ago Views: 1,325 Replies: 10
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GOGOGO!!! > http://forum.gladiabots.com

Please create accounts with the same name or with your player's name.

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Quick bug

AGAIN!! desapearing bots :/ I made two bots offline then i got lowbat then got to charge my device guess what happened, YOURE RIGHT! Tuned on the phone annnnnd its gone

I made them for 1hour and done somma testing for half our and guess what, YOURE RIGHT AGAIN!,, iiiim back to zero and wish i remember everything right..sux lol

Developer (Edited 2 times)

Seriously? In this topic? On this forum? XD

I'd like to know what happened EXACTLY though...

Finee mmmtoo lazy to fill accounts setups on ze other side

Le me: creating two bots OFFLINE >succesfully created two bots>testing two bots>phone warned 4% bettery left >got up on bed to get charger(the phone timed out)> charged the phone> turned on the phone> gladiabots still there but on menu > le me wanna try and test again the fresh bots>scolling trough ai list > le me: confused, where the f are the two new bots>ffffffffuuuu>created a quick report on this forum conataining a link to the new forum #rebelme>then cries in corner cuz i cant remember what the nodes are,fffff

Developer (Edited 1 time)

Are you sure you didn't choose to keep local data when the data sync conflict message appeared?

PS: seriously, come to the new forum please

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Last for here

First it didnt show data conflict(the phone is on ai list and TIMED OUT then i turned it on meny screen appeared, second i just turned on the wifi the time i created ze quick bug report, third theres no way bringing them back right?


sorry about messaging in this forum :(

I'm having trouble with creating an account in the new forum, for some reason I'm not getting past the robot test despite my answer matching the picture

What do I do?


I had previous reports saying the captcha doesn't work on mobile.

Could you please try from a PC?

it's fine, I just persisted and I'm there now, thanks :)

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This is a very great game and i love it to death but when it comes to the circle of death i cant fine tune it enough to complete it, ive searched online for everything that i can find, even the best AI systems but nothing seems to work.

Developer (Edited 1 time)

Please post your questions on the new forum:

> http://forum.gladiabots.com