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[Info] Multiplayer leagues

A topic by GFX47 created 203 days ago Views: 7,174 Replies: 66
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Developer (Edited 3 times) (+4)

Here's how the multiplayer league system works:

  • Everyone starts in league 1
  • You will only fight players of your league in ranked matches
  • You only see players of your league in the leaderboard
  • Players are promoted from league L to league L+1 manually at XX:XX(TBD) everyday based on the following rules:
    • There has to be at least 100 players in league L
    • You have to be in the top 10% players of your league to get promoted

    NB: Bot classes are unlocked based on player's current league (shotgun unlocked in league 2, machine gun in league 3, sniper in league 4).

    PS: An automatic system will be implemented once we find a satisfying model.

    League promotion is now based on your score!

    The thresholds are:

    • League 1: get at least 1100 points to be promoted to league 2 (unlocks shotgun)
    • League 2: get at least 1200 points to be promoted to league 3 (unlocks machine gun)
    • League 3: get at least 1300 points to be promoted to league 4 (unlocks sniper)

    All Right!

    P.S. 'Salt' has a totally bad-ass AI that is continuously beating me. Prevent multiple matches between same people. Please.


    This rule has been temporarily disabled for testing.

    It will be restored once alpha 5 gets released.

    Deleted post

    Could you please organize your requests and make separate threads about it?

    Thank you!

    yei just woke up when i made that

    Imma make later


    To all the league 1 players

    Be in the top 50 players in one hour and you will be promoted to league 2!

    can the announcements be done in game?

    In 5.1?

    Or well just wait for automations


    Yep, it should be in 5.1

    Job well done so far

    Im telling you man hardwork is gonna pay big soon

    lets support the game by donating any amount will do

    (theres an icon for donation in the game menu screen)

    Developer (Edited 1 time)

    Next league promotion in 2 hours!

    League 1: top 100 will be promoted to league 2

    League 2: top 10 will be promoted to league 3

    No League 3 promotion?


    There's not enough players in league 3 and 4 for promotion yet.

    aww I was top though...

    While im waiting for fresh players in league 4

    Imma make their worst nightmare

    I sent shitty bots for testsing 😂

    I have suggestions for league promotion :

    Case 1: you need to be the very best


    minimum form top 5 players in the league or top 20% from the league (if the league only consists of 5 players, you need to be in a 1st rank. But if the league consists of 100 players, you need to be the tip 5 players)

    Ranking 1 need to win 3 battles in a row from top 20% of the players in the league.

    Ranking 2 win 4 battles, ranking 3 win 5 battles, ranking 4 win 6 battles, ranking 5 win 7 battles. If you're on the 5th rank, win the battle and get much points to be ranked up, for example became 1st rank, you only need to win 2 more battles. In a new rank, it counts only 1 battle from the lower rank. So there's no difference if you got ranked up from 5th to 1st from 1 or 2 battles, it only count as 1 point to get promotion. But if you're from the 6th rank to the 5th rank, you still need to win 7 battles.

    Battle from outside of top 20% will not be counted, win nor lose. But if you lose, you can be kicked from the top 5 or top 20%.

    In this case, the minimum league players is 10, and you need to beat the 2nd rank 3 times to get promotion.

    Case 2: frequent user


    You have fight at least maximum from 500 battles or 5x the number of the league players.

    Victory rates are higher than the average of the victory rates in the league.

    Case 3: league promotion give away.

    You make an event for specific time period and specific rules.

    By that, the players don't need to wait a specific time to get promoted and have a goal to achieve.

    And you got more loyal players to build up the game.


    Next league promotion in 6 hours!

    League 1: top 200 > league 2

    League 2: top 20 > league 3

    (Edited 3 times) (+1)

    The idea, as far as I understood, to force to play all the maps (like shadowngun dead zone, that assign random maps) is great as well! Otherwise there is a vast experience of communities that stick with few maps.

    I'm impressed by the amount of nice ideas (for me at least) that you put in the game and you seem alone in the project so far, impressive!

    side note.So far I'm top4 in league1. With just 3 games (100% wins). Would be nice to (a) clean up inactive players after a while (a month?) and (b) avoid that players with few games but high win ratio just gets promoted. Maybe you can set a limit of amount of games to do before. Like "at least 10 games in the last X days".

    i never meet 1 of top player in my league in some maps in other i meet.

    He don't play maps where he think will lose. Whit new unit some map are unplayable like seven wonder: white with a dumb ai win every game

    How do I change the AI for different match ups? My bots are stuck on one of my AI's, and when I tap select a bot before the match it only shows me the logic tree, not an option to pick a different AI. . . .

    You likely locked in that games AI and bots, try playing a new match and changing the AI there

    (Edited 3 times)

    Sorry. I edited my post replay to jazz post. I don't understernt well his post (my bad english)

    I see in many game u must reset your bot. i think to take a paper for write the ai name for every map

    For the developer: in multiplayer the system don't use the AI bot used in training mode use the AI of last game in mutiplayer mode. Fix it

    Yes please.


    Next league promotion in 1 hour!

    League 1: top 500 go league 2

    League 2: top 50 go league 3

    Is it planned to have also demotions? Otherwise I see that the ones that play a bit will be eventually in league2.

    Is that normal that I was in the top 500 but I'm still not in league 2?

    Developer (Edited 1 time)

    Next league promotion in 1 hour!

    League 1 > top 500

    League 2 > top 100

    League 3 > top 10

    League 4 players, hope you're hungry for fresh meat! ^^


    I feel like maybe there should be a cap on number of players who can move up in a league. League 1 for example you could lose all day and still probably end up top 500


    As I said. Promotion-demotion (possibly weekly based). Brainwars has a nice model for this.

    (Edited 3 times)

    Why am I still not in league 2? You keep saying top 500 will go league 2 but it looks like it's not working at all for me... My username in the game is Pix_. Recently the game said there is a data sync conflict maybe is that why I'm still not league 2?


    Nothing to do with data sync, when I say top 500 it means first 500 players in leaderboard.

    Your ranking actually takes ex aequos into account, so you could be 550th in leaderboard with a displayed ranking of 400th for instance.

    I'll clarify that in 5.1...

    Oh okay thanks for the clarification. I'm impatient to try all the new bots anyway.

    (Edited 1 time)

    Dr is there a way i can get my account back when i uninstall then reinstall the game?

    Because now i cant do anything on game but watching it crash further i click from menu screen


    So reinstalling it finally didn't fix anything?

    (Edited 1 time) (+1)

    Good news i was thinking what the heck causes the crashes when it runs on my phone really smooth


    The DATA SYNC CONFLICT caused it

    The server messes it self when THE FIRST crash because of what ive made and IT AUTOMATICLY saved server data so the two new bot got deleted(not saved) and its trying to bring the deleted bots on the maps it was used thats why it crashes

    *solution made*

    The server is messed up recalling memory it didnt record

    So i made new memory for her ///// Duplicated all my bots but changed thier name so every Map changes the bot setup from the first bot on ai list

    This took me 24h+ to figure out lol

    To the fresh meat from league 4 RESURGENCE is gonna be served 😱😎


    When you say bot you mean AI, right?

    yes, the game still crashes but atleast i can play all maps and change the ai setups and watch replays

    *the game runs really flawless before when were beta testing (maybe because of the new players no?)

    i don't think unlocks behing league position will be healty for the game..

    if really isn't too bad since getting up in leagues isn't difficult at all

    yeah but now league 1 and 2 are the same since machines are underpower, league 3 is a shotgun fest, league 4 is a sniper one

    game should have balanced unlockable class with other ways, not behind a league level

    GFX 47 said that there will be balancing, exactly that is the reason for the manual updates. I think he will listen, but he needs time to adapt (and you cannot change every time settings otherwise players are pissed off, you must do it slowly).

    Moreover I really like the league with only assault, I would have liked to stay there a bit more. Handling more complexity is not immediate.

    I think small but frequent changes would be a more efficient system, but it would take more effort.


    I may remove unbalanced maps from multiplayer in a 5.0.6 version.

    (Edited 1 time)

    I was wondering how often you promote leagues. I haven't been on in a few days and am currently within the top 5 of league 1. want to try out some of the new bots. have been waiting on this update for a while.

    Also is there a place where we can see what all was changed. I noticed my ai I had used now has glitches that seem to be range related which cause both mine and the opposing ai to "freeze" in a loop between 2 commands that never happened before. I also noticed that the attacks before had a chance to them that now does not exist. for now I'll have to debug as is but being an engineer I like to know what makes things tick so I can plan my ai around that behavior.


    I'll go for daily promotions this week as I have a lot to do on 5.1.

    You can see the changes on the roadmap > http://roadmap.gladiabots.com

    your loop issue sounds like a feature my ai has been exploiting heavily to shut down enemy bots. My suggestion is to focus attacks mostly on current target to prevent "dancers" and "dribblers"


    Next league promotion in 1 hour

    League 1: top 500

    League 2: top 100

    League 3: top 20


    I m in top 100 since this morning but i m still in league 1.

    Pseudo NicoTank

    Why ?


    Deleted post

    good thanks

    I love ur game btw


    is there a statistic page somewhere that shows Bot types and things like health, shield, fire rate, damage, range, etc. it didn't make sense to make it when there was a sole Bot type but now that you have 4 it would seriously help for strategy. I looked but couldn't find one.

    I can always handle that the old way of just testing. I wasn't expecting a change so drastic for the shotgun. it's health, movement, shields, fire rate, and range were all changed. it would just shave time off if I had a spreadsheet or chart that was already finished to look at and calculate off of. (Yes, I'm one of those guys that enjoys math enough to take it into games)


    Click for info for that


    Here for classes


    Next league promotion in 1 hour

    League 1: top 500

    League 2: top 200

    League 3: top 50

    I'm having some issue connecting to the multiplayer. It says "connection timed out, please check your network settings",though there is no problem with my network as I can write you here.

    (Edited 1 time)

    https://mobile.twitter.com/GFX47? <<<his twitter to check frequent updates

    me too and cant even open leaderboards and maybe other players too

    The servers maybe shutdown for some problems or changes made but lets wait for the developer (gfx47) for further info ((maybe itll be back anytime))

    Servers back online

    If happens again no worries mate, just wait a little, the dev will inform players if its something major

    (Edited 1 time)

    Aaannnndd its down again XD;D (hes upto something maybe)

    (Can you hear dat electric snaps? And and flashing lights? And evil laugh?)


    There seems to be problems on the hosting service I use.

    Can't do anything about it except waiting for it to be fixed :/

    annnd its down again frequently XD

    Have you seen my counterpart(and for other pople that wants them) for the removal of the "unbalanced maps"

    Thats why I couldn't play Multiplayer before going to school... Aha!


    I'll activate demotions tomorrow so be sure to play today and keep your score above:

    • 1000 for league 2
    • 1100 for league 3
    • 1200 for league 4

    demotion relocks unlocked classes too no?



    one day and league 4 gets a whole lot tighter

    Great I would like to see how do they work. Since in league4 I still see a big K factor.

    ok wouldnt that be CRAZY anyway i have a problem i cant seem to play missions and training i have finished the tutorial but


    You have to complete the solo missions to unlock multiplayer

    i said i cant play missons not multiplayer

    How do I change the AI to use in the multiplayer mode?