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the application launches, but to a violet screen, and then violet areas everywhere on the title menu, as if it were missing assets.

The unity log, for a launch of about 5 seconds, is quite big, weighting about 1MB, with a tons of entries in the sort of :

<program source>:6:20: note: expanded from macro 'fma'

#define fma(a,b,c) do { (a) * (b) + (c) } while(0)
<program source>:41:15: error: expected expression
    u_xlat0 = fma(Globals.hlslcc_mtx4x4unity_ObjectToWorld[2], input.POSITION0.zzzz, u_xlat0);

Could you please try 12.1?


I tried 12.1, but I am experiencing the exact same issue.

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Can we please switch to the official forum, I'll continue to uploading new test builds.