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Reporting that launching it through the client indeed worked!

Edit: I'll add some comments. First, it was a pleasant surprise to find a little tutorial: didn't expect that for a first release!

I have only 3 little comments so far :

- it may be my screen, but the stars of the skills in the stat tree are barely visible.
- I am playing on a laptop, and the framerate isn't locked, which leads to noisy and perceptible overheating, especially on the intermission screen. I know this isn't probably high priority right now, but just throwing that in.

I need to get more comfortable with the interface, but besides knowing what ammo or health was left on my guys, it was all very intuitive, and the iconography at the bottom is great. Also hurray for the reverse camera pan option: that was disorienting for me at first ;D Really looking forward to your game!