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Antihero First Access

Fast-paced strategy with an (Oliver) Twist. Bribe, blackmail, and assassinate your opposition. · By Versus Evil

Patch Notes January 4th - Balance and Bug Fixing!

A topic by Versus Evil created Jan 04, 2017 Views: 542 Replies: 12
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There are a number of game balance changes in this release, which means all multiplayer games had to be wiped. (This'll probably happen a few more times before release - thanks for your patience!)

  • Thugs start with 1 health (down from 2)
  • Strangefellows Level 2 gives +1 health to all Gangs AND Thugs
  • Saboteurs no longer get the Safecracker burglary bonus
  • Saboteurs no longer always land on a district's primary building, when scouting
  • Triggering a trap loses 1 gold (down from 2)
  • Players who are inactive in a multiplayer game for 2 days will get a notification
  • Players who are inactive in a multiplayer game for 3 days will auto-resign the game
  • It's now possible to resign games when it's not your turn\n" +
  • The dock/taskbar icon will blink if your opponent submits their turn while the game is backgrounded
  • Various UI and animation improvements
  • Various AI improvements
  • Fixed a crash when resubmitting a turn after a network failure
  • Fixed a bug where exiting a game during turn submission would reset the turn

Thanks for playing Antihero! We'll see you in multiplayer.

Bought this game today. The savegame doesnt work properly. Somehow it reverts back to the first turn (was on about turn 19).

Had 2 crashes to desktop. Could finish 1 out of 4 games, so very very buggy experience for me so far.


Are you playing Skirmish or Multiplayer?

Any info on your crashes? We need details to try and figure out what you're experiencing. Are you on Windows or OSX? What were you doing when you had issues?

Skirmish. CTD, no info from the game or from windows. Audio stopped working right before the last crash. I think it happend after i alt+tabbed the last time..

Does the game log errors that i can send? Maybe my resolution (3440x1440) doesnt help?


Could we get your basic computer specs? That would be helpful.

You could try different resolutions - we haven't done much (yet) in terms of supporting varying resolutions.

(1 edit)

My specs:

i7-6700, Gigabyte GV-R939G1 GAMING-8GD, SSD, 16gb Ram.

I'll try the windowed mode tomorrow, let you know.


Hey @bremg - sorry! What a pain.

The game automatically logs errors and sends them to the server - but a hard crash is an Adobe AIR bug, not a game bug, which means that the logic for capturing the error log isn't even getting a chance to fire, so these crashes are being lost to the ether. Which is frustrating!

I do wonder if that high resolution has something to do with the issue. If you run it in windowed mode (I understand that may make it unreasonably small for you...) does it help? (Currently windowed mode is locked to a 1024x768 window, but an upcoming patch will add adjustable window sizes.)


You can also try using the launcher to see if that helps with things.

I'm in a game where I saw my opponent evolve his gang to Evict 3, so I put a trap down on my full trading house. The next turn he used his master thief to burgle the trading house (he hadn't yet), trigger the trap, then brought in his gang to evict all 3 urchins. In an AI game, I tried the same strategy, but with different units. I sent an evicting urchin in to trigger a trap, intending to follow that with a truant officer. In that game, the urchin triggering the trap then "blocked" the square, preventing the truant officer from entering. I have a couple questions about the intent of the trap mechanic.

1) Is the trap mechanic designed to be outmaneuvered by an investment in 2 actions?

2) In all other instances, the trap makes the attacker fail at his intended goal. Should that be consistent with the master thief too (i.e. he fails to scout/burgle the location, and it remains inaccessible to his other units)? I didn't ask my opponent if he suffered any loss to his master thief after triggering the trap, beyond the 1g. If he didn't lose his AP though, he could just burgle (trigger trap), then burgle again.


Thanks for the feedback - we should probably try to make this more consistent and more easily understandable.

Trap should function the same (lose whatever unit's turn hits the bomb). The tricky part here is that all units beside the Master Thief currently get stunned in place (whereas the master thief functions a bit differently and can still be moved around by other units).

Will let Tim chime in on your points below.

Hello, I have encountered a slight issue (sorry if this has been reported already).

I had unlocked second gangs, and upgraded the thugs' den (sorry for the imprecise name). The first gang and the thugs got their health upgrade, but not the second gang.



Noted - we'll take a look!

Later in the game, I seem to remember it got the life upgrade (maybe it was only a display glitch and reloading the game fixed it? Or maybe I had upgraded one my gangs, didn't remember it, and was hallucinating, for all I know now! I haven't been able to check it again.) The map was Masquerade.