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see title

Can't build elevator shaft when one of the 3 spaces is occupied by a building.. 

I changed the audio volumes but it doesn't save these preferences

Title says it all. The porters ignore abandoned shops, so they will never get into use again. Reload fixes this..

I was trading my stuff, then my orcs were victorious over the a pesky human village and the trader disappeared..

I see that it happens for other structures also. Buildings sometimes upgrade to the wrong type but they keep working as their original purpose..

See title.. Upgrade is bugged

Found a bug "choose product before setting destination" happened on a product cow farm. 

Every time I try the game again there is some bug like this in the very first 10 minutes of gameplay, Am I really unlucky? Am I doing something wrong? 

For now I stop playing again

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My specs:

i7-6700, Gigabyte GV-R939G1 GAMING-8GD, SSD, 16gb Ram.

I'll try the windowed mode tomorrow, let you know.

Skirmish. CTD, no info from the game or from windows. Audio stopped working right before the last crash. I think it happend after i alt+tabbed the last time..

Does the game log errors that i can send? Maybe my resolution (3440x1440) doesnt help?

Bought this game today. The savegame doesnt work properly. Somehow it reverts back to the first turn (was on about turn 19).

Had 2 crashes to desktop. Could finish 1 out of 4 games, so very very buggy experience for me so far.