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@Bnnnaruto - we e-mailed everyone who purchased on July 6th. Please check the e-mail associated with your payment (such as PayPal) as that is the purchaser information we have.

Howdy Folks

We have an official Antihero Discord up and running via : 

Hi everyone - you should have received an e-mail from us yesterday that includes your steam keys and info! We used the e-mail you have registered with so please check your spam folders and such if you don't see anything. Enjoy! 

Yup! That's exactly it means. You should be getting some e-mails very soon with more info for you. 

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And First Access is now officially closed! Thank you all! 

You'll be seeing an e-mail with Steam Keys and more info next week! 

(You can still play multiplayer and Tim will continue updating First Access builds as needed up until launch day!) 

Sadly - Linux and Adobe Air don't play well together. Not planned at this time.

Hello All

Our first access is coming to a close and we're officially launching on July 10th! We'll likely set up a new Antihero page on Itch to reflect the full game and character DLC packs, but this First Access page will be retiring. 

We're going to shut off First Access Purchases on June 29th at 2pm PST. 

If you have purchased Antihero on First Access you'll be getting the following content via e-mail on July 6th. 

  • Book Club DLC (4 extra Characters to use in Multiplayer)
  • Steam Key
  • Extra Steam Key - You're getting an extra Steam Key to give to a buddy! Antihero is better with friends! 

Hi All! 

We'll be sharing our plans for the steam move soon. You'll be getting some awesome things for being part of our Itch.IO First Access! 

This is a minor release that addresses balance issues and bugs.

All in-progress games have been wiped. (This will happen a few more times before launch -- as always, we really appreciate your patience and feedback.)


- "The Palace" - 2nd palace burglary requires 2 guard towers, rather than 3

- "The Palace" - for two-tower burglaries, both towers will be on opposite sides of the map

- "Poison Blade" costs 5 lanterns (up from 4)

- "The Hard Stuff" costs 5 lanterns (up from 4)

- Truant Officers cost 8 gold (up from 7)

- Fix a visual bug related to "Royal Riches" victory points

- AI improvements

- Minor UI improvements

As always, we appreciate your feedback!

We will take a look!

@Luke - does this happen everytime?

We'd love to hear your thoughts thus far!

New Map is now available :) Enjoy!

We're eager to get some feedback :)

Antihero Build 17 -- April 5, 2017

This is a major release that introduces a new multiplayer map, "The Palace"!

All in-progress games have been wiped. (This will happen a few more times before launch -- as always, we release appreciate your patience and feedback.)

Other stuff:

- Killing a guard in a building your opponent has trapped now properly gives kill rewards (money and gang levels)

- Fixed an occasional crash caused by triggering a trap

- New master thieves no longer disappear when stunned

- Re-decorated the tutorial levels

Please let us know your thoughts on The Palace - is it fun, are the goals clear, does it feel balanced? - in the Antihero forums!


That's no bueno - will make sure Tim sees this and hunts for a fix!

Happy to share we're working on some new content - should be coming very soon :)

Huge thanks for helping find these things!

Tim has written up another blog post mostly about the on-going charity tournament. Take a look here:

Good info! I've found that there are quite a few differences once you get to turn 3 against humans and the maps do play a large role in what happens too.

Economy is a thing I feel like a lot of people take a while to learn and Antihero is more akin to an RTS in that fact. Good points here for sure!

We'd love your thoughts/feedback on our new trailer!

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We're proud to share that our Steam Pre-Order is now live - meaning we're getting closer and closer to launch. You'll notice our Steam Pre-Order includes a free Master Thief Pack as part of that pre-order. Just wanted to confirm here, that when we release steam keys for our Itch.Io First Access players, you'll also get that content for free. You're also getting the added bonus of playing early, which is not an option on Steam.

To confirm, if you have purchased First Access here - you'll get the same Master Thief DLC pack as the Steam Pre-Order folks. We also have another surprise benefit of being in First Access, but we'll share that info once we get closer to launch.

These are super cool ideas!

1. Noted - yes

2. Yes - we're in agreement.

Could be fun :) We'd certainly love to see more ideas like this too!

Love this feedback folks - please keep it coming!

Alright - we'll take a look at the DRM files to make sure everything is there. Anyone else having this issue?

Glad to hear it's working - but it should also work from the file download section. Did you try running the exe?

Hi there - are you using the DRM Free file downloads or the Itch Launcher?

Also, what is your OS?

Thanks for the video, and yes - the A.I. currently isn't that much a of challenge. We're hoping to get that changed though!

Noted - we'll take a look!

Yep, we only have a small number of players so randomly finding one might be a pain right now. Showing # of players online might help with that and it's something we'll certainly think about adding in some shape or form!

We'll be at PAX South in a few weeks and we'd love to have you stop by if you're at the show!

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Antihero Build 8 -- January 10, 2017

New experimental multiplayer mode: 'Live Match'.

(This is a real-time mode with turn timers and realtime chat and whatnot.)

This is truly experimental, so there may be all sorts of issues - but we'd love to get feedback, ideas, and comments on this way of playing Antihero!

Appreciate the feedback! We'd love to hear from more people!

Yep, that makes sense for several reasons. We will see what we can do!

Thanks for the feedback - and yea, we do like the idea of having the Theives having something unqiue about each one of them. It's an idea we have on our table, but not sure when we'll get to look at it.

Won't hurt to have more opinions from the new audience :)

How do you feel about the 3 multiplayer maps so far? We'd love to hear how you would rank them so far.

Forgot to mention your comment on turn timers - we're actually working to release a mode where there are turn timers and it functions much more like a live game.