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Next Update/Move To Steam?

A topic by tgb created Dec 28, 2016 Views: 360 Replies: 8
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Just wondering if there is a public roadmap or some other indicator of the progress being made.


We'll likely be doing more on itch.io for a little while longer, but we will refocus on Steam before we do our official launch.

As a reminder, everyone who purchases the game here will get a steam key.

A roadmap is an interesting idea. We'll chat about it and see if/what we can share.

It says sold out. :(


The next update is basically ready to go, but we decided to hold off on pushing it over the holidays, as I have limited access to a computer till next week, so if anything had blown up I would be slow to respond this week. We'll push it out early next week!

The next update will contain important balance changes to Thugs, the Strangefellows Lodge, and Saboteurs, as well as some backend stuff that won't be terribly visible to players but will be laying the groundwork for important changes as we close in on launch. My major focus for a while will be the single player campaign and improved AI - our collective feeling is that a strong single player component is vital for getting more casual players into the multiplayer (and growing them into hardcore players!) which is necessary for the long-term viability of the game.

There's another multiplayer map in the works as well, though that's probably at least a couple updates down the line.

We've all been extremely gratified by the response to this first launch, and I'm really excited about growing this game into something big - thank you all for your feedback on this first update!

Any new maps/content coming before release?


Happy to share we're working on some new content - should be coming very soon :)


New Map is now available :) Enjoy!

any word on the steam keys? Really want to add to my library.


Hi All! 

We'll be sharing our plans for the steam move soon. You'll be getting some awesome things for being part of our Itch.IO First Access!