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A member registered Jun 28, 2016

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Posted in Bug Or WAD?

Couldn't do it - I got blocked off.

Posted in Bug Or WAD?

Exactly, and I didn't see any red flash. Unfortunately the game auto-saved when I submitted the turn, soI don't think it can be recreated. I suppose I can try to send an Urchin in next turn and see what happens.

Posted in Bug Or WAD?


I think it may be a problem with my own gang blocking the entrance. If so, definitely a bug.

Created a new topic Bug Or WAD?

In my current game I was able to evict his Urchin from a Church. But when I tried to infiltrate it with one of my own, I kept getting a message that it was blocked. There are two neutral Thugs blocking it, but the third side was wide open.

Created a new topic Next Update/Move To Steam?

Just wondering if there is a public roadmap or some other indicator of the progress being made.

Posted in FAQ
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Can my Saboteur plant a trap in a building I've infiltrated? I just learned the hard way that you have to hold onto a Church to retain the VP. That should be in the tutorial.

No wonder Papa Francisco kicked my butt.

tgb here there and everywhere.

Having played the tutorial, a skirmish game against the AI, and a few turns of multiplayer,I have a couple of thoughts and questions:

1) Zooming in and out of the map should be in the tutorial. I didn't know I could until I discovered it by accident.

2) Cursor placement needs fine tuning. When placing it over a building it sometimes brings up the option to scout the square next to it.

3) Charity is overpowered and makes some victory points too easy to get. Perhaps allow it only before any other actions and have it end the turn.

4) Are games with more than two players in the works?

5) LIkewise, how about a perk for each playable Master Thief?

Posted in Strategy

I learned the hard way that the AI will routinely finish an Assassination Contract that I started.

Actually rather than restart the tutorial from the beginning(it would be nice if you could save it, or there was an autosave) I just jumped into a skirmish game and found that with the basics I was pretty much able to pick the rest of it up on my own. I still lost to the AI, but by only one point, which isn't so bad, I guess.

Just fooled around with it and lost the 2nd tutorial (!), but I think I'm finding my way. Much slicker and more polished than I expected, it seems like a lot of fun so far.

It's not just Mac. I was about to report the same bug in the Windows version.