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Just fooled around with it and lost the 2nd tutorial (!), but I think I'm finding my way. Much slicker and more polished than I expected, it seems like a lot of fun so far.

Re: losing the 2nd tutorial - yeah, I'm doing lots of fiddling with the AI at the moment. It's currently tuned too hard on the tutorials - Lygrave shouldn't be such a monster and I'll be addressing that in a future release :)

Actually rather than restart the tutorial from the beginning(it would be nice if you could save it, or there was an autosave) I just jumped into a skirmish game and found that with the basics I was pretty much able to pick the rest of it up on my own. I still lost to the AI, but by only one point, which isn't so bad, I guess.

Yeah, I just had the same thought after accidentally exiting during the second tutorial. Certainly being able to save/restore would be useful.

Ye...esssss. Definitely. I'll add this post-haste.