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Antihero First Access

Fast-paced strategy with an (Oliver) Twist. Bribe, blackmail, and assassinate your opposition. · By Versus Evil

Bug Or WAD?

A topic by tgb created Jan 16, 2017 Views: 329 Replies: 7
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In my current game I was able to evict his Urchin from a Church. But when I tried to infiltrate it with one of my own, I kept getting a message that it was blocked. There are two neutral Thugs blocking it, but the third side was wide open.


Can you post a screenshot of the map?


I think it may be a problem with my own gang blocking the entrance. If so, definitely a bug.


And to be clear, if you hire an Urchin here, you get a "blocked!" notification if you try to move him into Sudden Murmur? Can you see which tile flashes red when the notification shows?

Exactly, and I didn't see any red flash. Unfortunately the game auto-saved when I submitted the turn, soI don't think it can be recreated. I suppose I can try to send an Urchin in next turn and see what happens.


Please do, thanks!

Couldn't do it - I got blocked off.


Man, I'm stumped! I've recreated basically this exact map layout and situation, and I'm able to get my urchin in the church past my gang. I'll keep an eye on it. If you're able to reliably reproduce it please let me know!