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Having played the tutorial, a skirmish game against the AI, and a few turns of multiplayer,I have a couple of thoughts and questions:

1) Zooming in and out of the map should be in the tutorial. I didn't know I could until I discovered it by accident.

2) Cursor placement needs fine tuning. When placing it over a building it sometimes brings up the option to scout the square next to it.

3) Charity is overpowered and makes some victory points too easy to get. Perhaps allow it only before any other actions and have it end the turn.

4) Are games with more than two players in the works?

5) LIkewise, how about a perk for each playable Master Thief?


Re: charity -- it may be that the AI is simply underpowered in responding to those particular strategies. A charity-heavy strategy doesn't hold up against good players in multiplayer. I'll look into the AI!