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Antihero First Access

Fast-paced strategy with an (Oliver) Twist. Bribe, blackmail, and assassinate your opposition. · By Versus Evil

Challenge me to a game! Sticky

A topic by timconkling created Dec 13, 2016 Views: 645 Replies: 10
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Looking for a challenge? Send a game invite to someone in this thread!

Interested in showing new thieves the ropes? Post your nickname here!

I'm "Goatgoatgoat" (I'm the developer of Antihero.)


You can play Lance via "RedBull" and Francis via "Papa Francisco" - we're both with Versus Evil.

No wonder Papa Francisco kicked my butt.

Can also play with Britchick

tgb here there and everywhere.

Feel free to invite me too! IGN is "Opiate"


Ahhh, I'ma look for you all once I get home later. Shoot a game to "Omeganot" if you'd like!

Also, just gotta say that the server-based asyncronous play is fantastic! I've been playing civ4 by email with my friends for a decade, and lots of lichess games. If you've got an async game on your hands, it's awesome when it works like this! Thank you for the great experience!

IGN = Kenbutsu

I'm down for a game or few! HeyImJesse

Me too. I'm Toastgeraet. You probably know, because i just invited each and every one of you :D

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Username: Masschoas
always down for games and trying out new strats. game is almost always running in background, so as long as I'm not asleep, out of the house, or busy, should be a quick response.

You can play me if ya want.