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mass choas

A member registered Feb 05, 2017

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Loving the updated A.I. and the unique objectives of the missions. noticed however in the campaign and subsequently pvp, pathfinding seems to have gotten worse. clicking on fogged tiles gives the prompt "scout adjacent tiles first" even when its within 3 tiles of uncovered map (including when its the tile you're immediately adjacent too), resulting in having to spam click till it registers how to clear the fog to that point. EDIT : so I managed to scout 3 tiles of fog that weren't connected to anything else, I have emailed you pictures.

Just finished campaign on hard all. as for thoughts on it: the maps blocks and building outcomes spawn randomly like they do in pvp. I was able to abuse this so that turn one in just about every map, the starter trading house gave me a lantern instead of 2 gold. from there I could unlock orphans and gangs on turn one, which allows you to out pace the A.I. with extreme ease. The new A.I. while an improvement overall, plays super defensive and when it goes offensive it choses poorly. Around chapter 6 (the only one that actually gave me an issue solely because of RNG on map spawn)  I started noticing patterns in the A.I. . throwing down poorly placed guards in excess simply because I scouted close to him or his gang, going for 1 urchin evicts with gang even though the building had 3 and his gang had enough damage to kill my gang that was visible to them and worth more. I loved the concept of a lot of the maps for the campaign, but they ultimately felt like I was playing the A.I., not the mechanics of the map. for example, the wharf map that's meant to showcase trapping, not once did I ever encounter a trapped building even owned ones including the boat, instead the A.I. rushed the boat turn 2 and crippled its own income. and let me sweep it.

also, soooooooo happy to have live matchmaking finally ^_^,  just needs that release day player base now

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not at all, it will be in your inbox :) (replied to the email chain we already had)

EDIT game was just ended

If it was hotfixed, I still have that same game at 6 days currently in my list. Could be the time frame is past the flag to auto resign?

noticed today that a game had extended past the 3 day count of no actions. not sure if it was an intended change of the patch or not (currently at 4 days waiting on a turn)

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update looks great! Happy to see theres work towards the matchmaking and leaderboards hinting at live matchmaking. With the update though, game is currently unplayable for casual, not sure for others. Heres the details for the error since the update: a softwere error has - temporarily! - disrupted your plans > details > An error occurred: message: "transaction() got an unexpected keyword argument /'transaction_type/' code:err_unknown . that happens when trying to start a casual match. invites, skirmish, and live room creation (don't have anyone ready to have join) appear to work fine.

EDIT:  appears to be working now

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so im not sure if its a result of this fix, but... now the probing bug is even simpler. so prior to the update, exiting to the menu/lobby would retain anything you did this turn, now it doesn't. so simply exiting out of the game gives the same result. on the other end of this fix, now if a stunned unit is infront of a building with no other entrances available (notably the guard towers in the new map is where I noticed it) you cant enter the building at all even to fill not evict. the stunned unit can still be walked through just not to get to a building adjacent to it. this very well may be intended which is fine, just pointing out the finding.

*edit* so it doesn't always happen, but when it does its consistent for the turn. possibly from a high ping? not 100% sure, but I did it on different turn to test, and it didn't have the same result.

have since been able to test this proper. it is possible to probe the map with this. the maps are seeded from the start, and when this crash happens it forgets everything that has been done that turn so far. so one could scout using all of their action points, force the crash, and scout other things until they get a satisfactory result and map knowledge.

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on a roll, 3 in almost a week. if there's a stunned unit adjacent to an opponents building and that tile is where your gang is meant to land after evicting, it causes the match to crash you back to the lobby and undo what you've done. in my exact instance it was a stunned saboteur next to the contested trading house, with my thief next to the stunned unit and my gang behind my thief (to put my gang back safely) instead it attempts to put my gang on top of the immobile stunned unit and errors out. it might be possible (I didn't try) to probe the map with this, such as using your thief's actions to scout around and see buildings, crash, then take the optimal locations instead.

tested in single player skirmish as well, crashes out of that too which makes the game unrecoverable (thus couldn't test the probing possibility, will need to get a live game to try that out), will update once known.

another bug that was just noticed with the recent update (found during a live game) killing a guard in a trapped estate does not prompt/give a level to a gang that killed it, giving away the trap entirely. this might have been intended to hint to the player trying to take it, but not being mentioned in the notes it didn't seem likely.

bug I just found, its not possible to place a guard where it spawns, nor is it to move the guard to place it where it was. I had my thief on the normal home tile and then bought a guard. the guard appeared 1 block down at a cross roads where I wanted to set him to guard. since selecting the tile just selects the unit even if already selected, and ending my turn pulls him back into the hideout, the gold was wasted that turn and the area wasn't protected. either make it so selecting the space the units are already on actually selects the space, or have guards deploy where they stand if they aren't given actions the turn their bought on please and thank you.

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Username: Masschoas
always down for games and trying out new strats. game is almost always running in background, so as long as I'm not asleep, out of the house, or busy, should be a quick response.

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Hey there! Found this game through the current charity competition from a streamer I watch, love the game and the core mechanics thus far from what I've seen and the handful of games I've played now. (this got lengthier than I intended, whoops)

A lot of my feedback stems from simply a lack of other players at the moment which is to be expected given that the games in early access with a limited # of keys out right now, that said the game doesn't make it any easier to accommodate for that currently. I personally prefer to play 1 game of antihero start to finish in single sitting as opposed to multiple simultaneously. The current system makes that exceptionally difficult, promoting opening dozens of games through the asynchronous format in the hope to find that one person who is actively present on the other side. And for that one person you find, you end up with 10-20+ active matches across only a couple people who at the time were likely doing the same thing but unable to leave the queue if they had to leave. Finally once you've found that person whose actively playing, you're forced to communicate between turns before the game ends (it updates during turns but isn't retroactive I've noticed, requiring a refresh of the current game to see if anything was said before turn ends) to find each other through 3rd parties/social media such as facebook, discord, forums, etc. if you want to have future subsequent active live games.


  1. needs live match making, at least on PC's side, or you end up micromanaging 10+ games, likely worse once player base grows.
  2. friends list/conversation outside of matches. steam friends should suffice on release, as for now just a means to talk outside of games would be greatly appreciated, an inbox of sorts similar to how the in match chat work perhaps?
  3. ability to close asynchronous match queues incase you have to leave before it finds an opp, so they aren't left hanging for who knows how long (I've had several hour long queues before it found someone) would help limit the amount of open games as well.
  4. look into estate cost vs. reward? EDIT: after playing a few more games against people that go into it, it seems to combo well the more into bullying you go (such as rushing double dagger to lockdown opp's gang) instead of competing for victory points as the game gets dragged out.

Few bugs/minor things I've seen

  1. music and/or sound effects randomly cut out, requiring a re-launch of the client.
  2. clicking out of the window cuts music, minimizing the window keeps it (not a complaint, I enjoy the menu tune to just be on in the background, just inconsistent.
  3. names of buildings can cover entire tiles, preventing you from seeing if the opp has scouted a tile you have yet. (make name fade when hovered over perhaps? or a toggle?
  4. perhaps its just the # of people playing currently, but I've only encountered about 8 different people randomly from queuing and multiple hour long queues, not sure if that's the matchmaking derping or not.
  5. only has happened once, but threw me into 2 queues at once.