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Loving the updated A.I. and the unique objectives of the missions. noticed however in the campaign and subsequently pvp, pathfinding seems to have gotten worse. clicking on fogged tiles gives the prompt "scout adjacent tiles first" even when its within 3 tiles of uncovered map (including when its the tile you're immediately adjacent too), resulting in having to spam click till it registers how to clear the fog to that point. EDIT : so I managed to scout 3 tiles of fog that weren't connected to anything else, I have emailed you pictures.

Just finished campaign on hard all. as for thoughts on it: the maps blocks and building outcomes spawn randomly like they do in pvp. I was able to abuse this so that turn one in just about every map, the starter trading house gave me a lantern instead of 2 gold. from there I could unlock orphans and gangs on turn one, which allows you to out pace the A.I. with extreme ease. The new A.I. while an improvement overall, plays super defensive and when it goes offensive it choses poorly. Around chapter 6 (the only one that actually gave me an issue solely because of RNG on map spawn)  I started noticing patterns in the A.I. . throwing down poorly placed guards in excess simply because I scouted close to him or his gang, going for 1 urchin evicts with gang even though the building had 3 and his gang had enough damage to kill my gang that was visible to them and worth more. I loved the concept of a lot of the maps for the campaign, but they ultimately felt like I was playing the A.I., not the mechanics of the map. for example, the wharf map that's meant to showcase trapping, not once did I ever encounter a trapped building even owned ones including the boat, instead the A.I. rushed the boat turn 2 and crippled its own income. and let me sweep it.

also, soooooooo happy to have live matchmaking finally ^_^,  just needs that release day player base now