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on a roll, 3 in almost a week. if there's a stunned unit adjacent to an opponents building and that tile is where your gang is meant to land after evicting, it causes the match to crash you back to the lobby and undo what you've done. in my exact instance it was a stunned saboteur next to the contested trading house, with my thief next to the stunned unit and my gang behind my thief (to put my gang back safely) instead it attempts to put my gang on top of the immobile stunned unit and errors out. it might be possible (I didn't try) to probe the map with this, such as using your thief's actions to scout around and see buildings, crash, then take the optimal locations instead.

tested in single player skirmish as well, crashes out of that too which makes the game unrecoverable (thus couldn't test the probing possibility, will need to get a live game to try that out), will update once known.

Huge thanks for helping find these things!

have since been able to test this proper. it is possible to probe the map with this. the maps are seeded from the start, and when this crash happens it forgets everything that has been done that turn so far. so one could scout using all of their action points, force the crash, and scout other things until they get a satisfactory result and map knowledge.

That's no bueno - will make sure Tim sees this and hunts for a fix!

This is fixed, and will be pushed out in the next patch soon.

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so im not sure if its a result of this fix, but... now the probing bug is even simpler. so prior to the update, exiting to the menu/lobby would retain anything you did this turn, now it doesn't. so simply exiting out of the game gives the same result. on the other end of this fix, now if a stunned unit is infront of a building with no other entrances available (notably the guard towers in the new map is where I noticed it) you cant enter the building at all even to fill not evict. the stunned unit can still be walked through just not to get to a building adjacent to it. this very well may be intended which is fine, just pointing out the finding.

*edit* so it doesn't always happen, but when it does its consistent for the turn. possibly from a high ping? not 100% sure, but I did it on different turn to test, and it didn't have the same result.