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Hey there! Found this game through the current charity competition from a streamer I watch, love the game and the core mechanics thus far from what I've seen and the handful of games I've played now. (this got lengthier than I intended, whoops)

A lot of my feedback stems from simply a lack of other players at the moment which is to be expected given that the games in early access with a limited # of keys out right now, that said the game doesn't make it any easier to accommodate for that currently. I personally prefer to play 1 game of antihero start to finish in single sitting as opposed to multiple simultaneously. The current system makes that exceptionally difficult, promoting opening dozens of games through the asynchronous format in the hope to find that one person who is actively present on the other side. And for that one person you find, you end up with 10-20+ active matches across only a couple people who at the time were likely doing the same thing but unable to leave the queue if they had to leave. Finally once you've found that person whose actively playing, you're forced to communicate between turns before the game ends (it updates during turns but isn't retroactive I've noticed, requiring a refresh of the current game to see if anything was said before turn ends) to find each other through 3rd parties/social media such as facebook, discord, forums, etc. if you want to have future subsequent active live games.


  1. needs live match making, at least on PC's side, or you end up micromanaging 10+ games, likely worse once player base grows.
  2. friends list/conversation outside of matches. steam friends should suffice on release, as for now just a means to talk outside of games would be greatly appreciated, an inbox of sorts similar to how the in match chat work perhaps?
  3. ability to close asynchronous match queues incase you have to leave before it finds an opp, so they aren't left hanging for who knows how long (I've had several hour long queues before it found someone) would help limit the amount of open games as well.
  4. look into estate cost vs. reward? EDIT: after playing a few more games against people that go into it, it seems to combo well the more into bullying you go (such as rushing double dagger to lockdown opp's gang) instead of competing for victory points as the game gets dragged out.

Few bugs/minor things I've seen

  1. music and/or sound effects randomly cut out, requiring a re-launch of the client.
  2. clicking out of the window cuts music, minimizing the window keeps it (not a complaint, I enjoy the menu tune to just be on in the background, just inconsistent.
  3. names of buildings can cover entire tiles, preventing you from seeing if the opp has scouted a tile you have yet. (make name fade when hovered over perhaps? or a toggle?
  4. perhaps its just the # of people playing currently, but I've only encountered about 8 different people randomly from queuing and multiple hour long queues, not sure if that's the matchmaking derping or not.
  5. only has happened once, but threw me into 2 queues at once.