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I agree completely with everything you said here.

Hi there,

I am still a beginner, but i think it can't harm to throw my 5 cents in here. Feedback on the following tactics is appreciated. Hope it will help some you, too.

I think speed is very important in this game. By that i mean your very first actions, which are unfortunately also the ones that are most influenced by the random number generator. Every action (even lifting some fog of war) should be made in mind with its purpose. Ideally every action benefits the following as much as possible. It's not easy to explain for me, so let me give you an example:

A basic way that a follow-up action is influenced is a basic could be your first move where you scout a Trade House, so that you then are able to infiltrate it. Not much leeway for creativity here. (Of course there are other first move tactics...)

At the latest in your second turn it might be worth considering which district to scout. Maybe you want to scout a district that allows you to reveal a policemen in the same turn, which you can then pick off with your gang to level it up. The important part here, is not wasting an action point of your Master Thief. You will want to discover this guard as a side effect of an action that is supposed to advance you to another goal. Those are very scarce and very vital in the early and mid-game.

Another aspect not to underestimate is economy. Make sure you get income (Lanterns and Gold) as early as possible and if you can manage it, disrupt the enemies economy without spending too much resources. (e.g. buy the saboteur and bomb their Trade House). Every round you get income lets you expand more quickly. Orphanage is great to get early in the game, because it reduces the cost of your income generators (urchins). Also put one urchin in each church you find. Do not underestimate this one coin per round - if you can keep this church for more than three round, that has paid off and later you can skim a victory point.

I could go on but i really need to get to university and work on my bachelor's thesis. Hopefully, i can write more soon. Enjoy your thievings.

Ah okay, first i thought it was a bug, but then i figured as much. I was just confused because the description just tells about revealing districts and trapping. At the moment i don't feel it's overpowered, but then again i just found out about those possibilities. Maybe some other players feel the same and would use him even more.

What really made him interesting to me is that he can't be block. Just like the knight in chess. I always compare your game to chess in my head or when i tell people about it. I guess that is what fascinates me so about it. That the randomness factors in very little (although there is no randomness at all in chess) and that you basically have a relatively small, overseeable set of possible actions that allow four countless combinations and tactics.

I read that some remarked that the placement of buildings is sometimes a little unfair, e.g. when one player starts with a bank very close by. Or that one time where i was able to infiltrate to Trade House in the first round :D. I basically agree with that statement, although i think one has to be careful how to handle that. If one makes everything same for parties then players would never have to adapt, and "best strategies" would quickly emerge. What i think is necessary is something on the other players side that allows him for a counter strategy. I also get the feeling that you already wrote the algorithm with this in mind, but sometimes i think one side is really worse off. Then again, i probably just lack the experience.

Anyways i am really excited to see where this is going and i am glad and thankful to be a part of first access.

Is it supposed to be, that the saboteur can also burgle, scout a building, and not be hindered by fog of war or enemies?

Not criticizing here, just curious whether it is a bug or not.

Me too. I'm Toastgeraet. You probably know, because i just invited each and every one of you :D

Hi there,

I bought the first access yesterday, and so far i am liking it. Only been playing skirmishes so far and i read the disclaimer about the AI being 'dumb'. Still i thought some feedback in this regard might be useful.

- In the scenario 'masquerade' the AI seems to ignore the masquerade ball tactic so far.
- I think i saw the opposing master thief attack my gang, followed by an attack via assassin - isn't that wasting an action point?

I'm still getting the hang of the game. Just trying to be helpful. I'll just post whatever i think feels weird.

Great work in creating this game, you guys! Thanks.

You're welcome. And thank you for your reply. I totally get you. Not giving away stuff and spoiling it fit the others is very nice. I had some problems myself with what I posted because of the spoilers.

Can't find a chat or pn-feature here. :/

Still, I must've had like ten playthroughs or so trying anything and everything I could think of, but I can't get that room to show up. I think my brain is getting mushy.

Maybe you could send me another hint to ?



Okay, first of all, i really liked this game. Second it gets me so frustrated because i can't get into Room #6. I watched videos, read comments, tried it on windows as well as android but the room never shows up during my games. It is just not there.

I tried the android version and the portable windows version. Any idea? Am i missing something?


Still a great game. Very short but very good.


Android bug: You can get stuck if you go back to the first room after having changed the angle, because you can't spin the first room on android. Which makes it impossible to see the door.



Semantic bug: It says: the color ain't right, even if the color is correct, and just the order of the mixing is wrong.

And i cannot figure out the hints for the lever room:

Android: "X marks the spot <linebreak> X marks the spot"

Windows: "It would take months to guess."

Although the problem itself is manageable. :)


All in all a great game, just some points that bugged me. Keep up the good work and stay true :]

Spent nearly an hour trying to find this secret room 6. Didn't manage even with Google and Youtube. Kudos to the developer!

What's wrong with me ... xD desperate-laugh