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It's just a visual update - maps used to be flat and now they have some elevation - it's just an aesthetic update.

Hey guys - please note new Patch Notes from yesterday's update (March 20, 2017) up on the community home page.

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This is a major release. All in-progress games have been wiped. This will happen a few more times before launch -- as always, we really appreciate your patience and feedback!

  • Balance changes:
    • Assassin does 6 damage (rather than infinite damage)
    • Unlocking a unit adds to that unit's tax till end of turn
    • Gangs are now properly taxed (reviving 2 gangs in a turn will cost 7 gold instead of 6)
    • Triggering a trap while scouting a building leaves the building unscouted
    • Stunned enemies no longer block pathing
    • Attacking a guard in a trapped building does not trigger the trap (burgling the building will trigger it). This makes pre-emptively trapping Estates a more viable strategy.
    • Lantern Generator moved from tier-3 to tier-2 in the Upgrade Shop
  • Fixes:
    • All ships start with a large burglary, not just the first ship to appear
  • Polish:
    • New Master Thieves! A preview of some of the characters from the campaign.
    • Upgrade Shop UI has been updated with new animations
    • (Most) levels now have a visual 'crust' around their edges
    • Window size selector, for those who play in windowed mode
    • Lots of other UI polish and tweaks

Can also play with Britchick