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It's looking like I won't have a finished submission in time for the deadline so I was just wondering if you will host this jam again in the future?

This is pretty dope!  Nice work.

"You can use pre-made assets that were not made for this jam, like asset packs, or assets from older projects of yours."

It  is always a treat to see what talented people can do with such a limited toolset. Thank you for this touching story Haraiva. 

Btw gyro boss and kart racing are a lot of fun. best of luck with your future projects.

Thank you for all the advice! :)

Do you have any advice on learning GML or do you mostly use drag and drop? I have learned basic stuff from youtube tutorials, but once I find myself wanting to add anything specific to my game I'm kinda left dead in the water.

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Cool. I'm just starting out making games in GMS2. It's cool to see a fairly large variety of projects. I like to try and figure out how the games  are coded as a mental exercise. 

I saw you on the GMS 2 forums, and was wondering if you made all of these games in Game Maker?

True. For your case it would be a lot of work. However I've seen as well as used this method for first person dungeon crawler/ choose your own adventure style games. Among other things.

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Well it requires a lot of work but you could do this by making the actual avatar unseen, and make your player character from sprites or tiles. It requires you to make a lot of rooms if you wanted to move a character around like you would a regular avatar. Since you would have to make a new room for every possible direction the character could move. This is currently the only way to change an avatars appearance that I can think of.

You could simulate this using rooms. 


simple and fun.

Can't get past the chef. what are you supposed to do when he throws the soup in stage 2. Tried blocking it doesn't seem to work.

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That's my bad. I re read the overview. It looks like I somehow confused this jam with another I had considered doing that only allows one hour of time to make your project. Sorry for any confusion

What the title says. It could easily take 30 mins to an hour to record and import/implement sound fx from stuff in your fridge. I think the idea for this jam is interesting, but I was just hoping you could clarify a bit more on the time limit. I don't wanna feel like I cheated.

You can play me if ya want.