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Fast-paced strategy with an (Oliver) Twist. Bribe, blackmail, and assassinate your opposition. · By Versus Evil

Alternate map ideas

A topic by vfabien21 created Feb 01, 2017 Views: 386 Replies: 11
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Hello ! Some wild ideas about alternate maps. I am sure that other players would have some more :

Denunciation :

There is a special neutral caracter on the map, which is a cop. It can't be killed, but blocks the way. However, both players can move it 6 tiles max (number to be adjusted), but only in streets or places they have visited. Doing so costs one thug or urchin (we play the thug/urchin on the cop, and then cop can be moved. In terms of role play it follows ans tries to catch the thug/urchin).

If we send the cop to a building filled with urchins (1 for the opponent, or full for us), we earn a victory point. But the building becomes unvisited + gets regular cop similar to an estate.

Smog :

Similar to the big map, but the turn after a street has been explored it is covered with smog : the caracters there are unidentified and buildings become grey again (but don't regenerate loots).

Great fire of london : (ok, I know, it is 200 years too early...)

The city is on fire, but it also creates great loot opportunities.
The fire progresses every turn ( it spreads from building to building, and can jump across the street). Thus the game area shrinks. But it is possible to collect water in some places to extinguish a building catching fire. (A building is in "catching fire" status for 1 turn and can still produce or be looted, then it is burning)

Some buildings, when cacthing fire can be colonized by 1 urchin. They need to be colonized for 2 turns to give a victory point (and thus need to be estinguished, to not go from "catching fire" to burning )

What do you think of it ?


Could be fun :) We'd certainly love to see more ideas like this too!

He, I am pleased that you like it, and would love to see other's ideas too... Here is another suggestion :

Hold up :

Every few turn a convoy will move from one part of the map to the other. You need to place a character in a bar to learn what the convoy will transport, how strong it will be, and what its path will be. You get the loot it if you can place a strong enough gang (both in hearts and attack) on its way. Of course, only one player can stop a convoy.

Any thug or weak gang found on the convoy's path will be disbanded.

Possible loots are victory point, prisoners (free characters such as thugs, urchins or whatever else), gold, or lanterns.


Hey vfabien, I really like these ideas - interesting tweaks on the game's core mechanics coupled with a tight integration to its theme are exactly what we're going for with map designs.

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Haha, thanks!

(if you were to implemente some of them, you could still offer me an android version when released ;-p)


The city is filled with famished urchins. Famished urchins (neutral) pop up in the city and can move a few tiles every turn. Famished urchins can group in the same way as gangs. They don't block the path, can't be killed, but you can block them with a thug or a gang. You can also send a gang or master truant at them. It allows you to move them a few tiles away (if it is a group, the number you move depends on "evicts" level)

If they enter a building, they block it untill evicted and they evict player's urchins. If they enter the head quarter, they steal money and/or lanterns, then disappear.

Urchins evicted from a building (famished and player's ) go back in the street (famished).

The only way to gey rid of them is to buy them by sending the master thief (same cost rule as regular urchins). Sending a master thief at a group of famished urchins tries to purchase as many as money allows.To destroy urchins (as their number will keep growing), you can play those you have purchased on your headquarter.

So this map would not offer new opportunities, but is rather a race agaisnt a growing threat you can throw at each other.

Hi, I randomly had some ideas for multiplayer scenarios. So I thought I would throw them up, some might be good, most will be bad and I could do more if you're interested.

The Cathedral:

Both players can infiltrate the cathedral with urchins, but there is no limit and both can do it at once. These urchins become page boys and the player with the most page boys controls the cathedral, its 3 gold income and its 2 victory points, sort of a 'king of the hill' style scenario. The three explanation boxes could be.

  2. They become PAGE BOYS for you.
  3. Hold the most to control the 3 Gold & 2 VICTORY POINTS!

The Election:

Both players send one thug to parliament to run in an election. Once one is sent the election is held in 3 turns and that player's votes appear in the city. Players steal both votes destroying opponents and having to send urchins to parliament to deliver their own. On election turn the most votes wins the victory point and then it starts again. The three explanation boxes could be.

  1. INFILTRATE parliament with a THUG to trigger the ELECTION.
  2. VOTES for each CANDIDATE will appear throughout the city. STEAL yours and theirs.
  3. Use URCHINS to deliver each VOTE. The most VOTES win the VICTORY POINT!

The Bridges:

A river runs through the centre of the map with three bridges crossing it. On the centre tile of the three tile corridor style crossings are toll bridge buildings. Players have to infiltrate the toll buildings to be able to cross the bridge. One urchin gives them access and three gives them control of one victory point. The three explanation boxes could be.

  1. The three BRIDGES are BLOCKED.
  2. INFILTRATE the TOLL to pass through.
  3. Use 3 URCHINS to control the VICTORY POINT!

The Gaol:

There is a prison on this map on a 4x7 tile grid. The outer tiles of the grid are walls with entrances on the centre tile of each end of the smaller sides. In the centre is a 3x3 grid of cells to be looted, once looted a character appears who is freed and the cell is removed. The character could be an urchin, a thug, a saboteur, a truant officer, an assassin, a victory point locksmith or a random citizen. The random citizen disappears giving the players nothing, the game characters are given to the player as a reward and the locksmith goes up to the top as a victory point. Once all the cells are looted 9 more appear. The three explanation boxes could be.

  1. SEARCH the CELLS in the prison.
  2. FREE various characters that may JOIN you.
  3. Find the LOCKSMITH to gain a VICTORY POINT!

The Jubilee:

There is a wide street crossing this map where the jubilee parade is passing. It always has royal guards on that street and every 3 turns a royal carriage appears somewhere on the street surrounded by royal guards. The players have to remove the guards with gangs or the main thief and loot the carriage to capture the royal which gives a victory point. The three explanation boxes could be.

  1. There is a ROYAL PARADE down MAIN STREET.
  2. Every 3 TURNS a ROYAL CARRIDGE will pass through.
  3. Clear a path to capture the ROYAL and gain a VICTORY POINT!

The Arsenal:

There is a military barracks on this map on a 5x5 grid. There are towers on the corners with wall tiles by their sides, 4 military buildings on the corners of the central 3x3 and the Commanders Office in the very centre. The barracks stations 6 royal guards on the barracks paths and 10 around the city. The players need to get to the centre of the barracks and infiltrate the Commanders Office with urchins. One urchin gets influence meaning the 10 external royal guards all move to the opponents side of the map and three urchins controls the commander meaning that the player controls the victory point and all royal guards are their colour and passable, but the player cannot control them. This would be similar to when they place a thug down on the map. The three explanation boxes could be.

  1. CLEAR a path to the centre of the BARRACKS.
  2. INFILTRATE the COMMANDERS OFFICE to get all the ROYAL GUARDS on your opponent's side.
  3. INFILTRATE with 3 URCHINS to be able to pass all ROYAL GAURDS and control the VICTORY POINT!

The Square:

This map has a market square on it, on a 3x5 grid. There is a trade house on the centre tile of each of the shortest sides, a market stall tile above and below each and another market stall tile next to each of them. The players can infiltrate the market stalls with only one urchin to gain one gold and both can infiltrate the trade houses with an unlimited number of urchins who become traders. On every 10 turns each trade house grants 10 gold and a trade agreement victory point to the player with the most traders in it. The three explanation boxes could be.

  1. INFILTRATE the market stalls for 1 GOLD a turn.
  2. INFILTRATE trade houses to turn URCHINS into TRADERS.
  3. Every 10 TURNS both trade houses give 10 GOLD & 1 VICTORY POINT to the player with the most TRADERS in them.

These are super cool ideas!

Thanks, I really enjoyed the design challenge of the mechanics, the theme and the concise three box explanations, whilst having the scenario be something original and different. The ideas were kind of off the cuff though, since I only got the game the day before I posted and the ideas just kind of hit me.


These are wonderful and hilarious. I really like The Gaol in particular.

Here's a preview of a map we're currently working on. Hint: you probably want to get whatever's in that gigantic palace in the center.

Thanks for that great game we played, I meant to say after I finished my go but forgot. I felt super tense there at the end when I could get that last point.


Hey wait you're not allowed to tell everyone that you beat the dev :)

Thanks a lot. The map looks great, I especially like the Brandenburg Gate like monument outside the palace.