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Antihero First Access

Fast-paced strategy with an (Oliver) Twist. Bribe, blackmail, and assassinate your opposition. · By Versus Evil

Antihero Patch Notes - April 5th - New Map and Bug Fixes!

A topic by Versus Evil created Apr 05, 2017 Views: 449 Replies: 10
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Antihero Build 17 -- April 5, 2017

This is a major release that introduces a new multiplayer map, "The Palace"!

All in-progress games have been wiped. (This will happen a few more times before launch -- as always, we release appreciate your patience and feedback.)

Other stuff:

- Killing a guard in a building your opponent has trapped now properly gives kill rewards (money and gang levels)

- Fixed an occasional crash caused by triggering a trap

- New master thieves no longer disappear when stunned

- Re-decorated the tutorial levels

Please let us know your thoughts on The Palace - is it fun, are the goals clear, does it feel balanced? - in the Antihero forums!


Can't wait to play the new map


We're eager to get some feedback :)

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getting an annoying error on it. Can't even play now.

Build ID: df78409
Error: Error #3694
at starling.textures::Texture$/empty()
at starling.textures::Texture$/fromBitmapData()
at starling.text::TrueTypeCompositor/fillMeshBatch()
at starling.text::TextField/updateText()
at starling.text::TextField/recompose()
at starling.text::TextField/getBounds()
at starling.display::DisplayObject/get width()
at aciv.screens::LoadingMode/setup()
at flashbang.core::AppMode/setupInternal()
at Function/doPushMode()
at flashbang.core::ModeStack/handleModeTransitions()
at flashbang.core::FlashbangApp/onStarlingRootCreated()
at StarlingEventRegistration/onEvent()
at starling.core::Starling/initializeRoot()
at starling.core::Starling/initialize()
at starling.core::Starling/onContextCreated()

that's what I got on starting the game.

Hope it gets fixed, I'm looking forward to playing.


@Luke - does this happen everytime?

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Yes, even with redownloading.


We will take a look!


Hey Luke - sorry about this! What a pain.

  • Are you on Mac or Windows? Which version of the OS?
  • Does restarting fix the problem?
  • Is this your first time playing Antihero, or did you have an earlier version that worked?
Thanks for helping us get to the bottom of this!


windows 8, current version. Restarting does not work for it, and I had an earlier version that worked which I fully deleted before downloading the new version.

Developer (1 edit)

Can you email me - tim at - and I'll get you set up with a new build to see if it fixes the issue?

sure, sent.