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A member registered Apr 16, 2017

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sure, sent.

windows 8, current version. Restarting does not work for it, and I had an earlier version that worked which I fully deleted before downloading the new version.

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Yes, even with redownloading.

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getting an annoying error on it. Can't even play now.

Build ID: df78409
Error: Error #3694
at starling.textures::Texture$/empty()
at starling.textures::Texture$/fromBitmapData()
at starling.text::TrueTypeCompositor/fillMeshBatch()
at starling.text::TextField/updateText()
at starling.text::TextField/recompose()
at starling.text::TextField/getBounds()
at starling.display::DisplayObject/get width()
at aciv.screens::LoadingMode/setup()
at flashbang.core::AppMode/setupInternal()
at Function/doPushMode()
at flashbang.core::ModeStack/handleModeTransitions()
at flashbang.core::FlashbangApp/onStarlingRootCreated()
at StarlingEventRegistration/onEvent()
at starling.events::EventDispatcher/invokeEvent()
at starling.events::EventDispatcher/dispatchEvent()
at starling.events::EventDispatcher/dispatchEventWith()
at starling.core::Starling/initializeRoot()
at starling.core::Starling/initialize()
at starling.core::Starling/onContextCreated()

that's what I got on starting the game.

Hope it gets fixed, I'm looking forward to playing.