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Fast-paced strategy with an (Oliver) Twist. Bribe, blackmail, and assassinate your opposition. · By Versus Evil

Rank the Maps!

A topic by Versus Evil created Jan 07, 2017 Views: 239 Replies: 6
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How do you feel about the 3 multiplayer maps so far? We'd love to hear how you would rank them so far.


They are all masterpieces. Each is the pinnacle of craft and design. Ranking perfection is not possible.


Won't hurt to have more opinions from the new audience :)

I think the Big City is a little bit boring. There isnt any events like the ship in the Wharf or the party in the Masquerade. And the map is designed in such way that theres no reason to scout the outer lanes, unless there is a assassination target.

The Masquerade and the Wharf are equally good imo and i enjoy playing them both

I like that the Masquerade and Wharf start with random police so you can open Gang on turn 1. Other than that aspect, Big City is my favorite.

In every game I've played on the Wharf, no one goes for the ship if the game is close. It takes 1 AP to scout, 1 AP to kill the guard, and 7g worth of urchins to claim it. If your opponent doesn't interfere, you spend 7g to get 1 VP (the rest nets out). That's what it costs at the church but it's 2 turns instead of instant.

I'm not sure about the Masquerade VP since I've not tried it and neither have my opponents, but it feels similar. Since the Masquerade requires 6 VP, it feels like even more of a control game, leaving no room for VP timings. I think I might prefer the dimensions flipped (map is wide instead of tall), because if someone starts with a bank behind them, it's a nice advantage.


Appreciate the feedback! We'd love to hear from more people!

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I really enjoy the Masquerade. I find that the masks and extra victory point really make the game interesting. It forces a different strategy than one you might normally use.

About the Wharf, I partly agree with kenbutsu. No one goes for the boat in a close game. But in the early game, I feel like it's better than getting the church because the victory point is permanent, unlike the church.