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A member registered Dec 12, 2016

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Besides after winning (or losing) a game you are unable to view any messages sent, you also cannot have one last look at the city. As I play multiple games I don't specifically remember all the details, and it would be nice to see the city (and messages) one last time before the game is removed from the games list. Maybe a button to visit the city after ending the game, with a default click on the screen going to the menu?

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Just played multiple games simultaneously without logging out of the game, and continuously got emails telling me a new turn was ready, which I already saw in-game. It would be nice if the email notification for new turns is turned off while you are in the game itself, as I now have a ton of emails telling me about turns I already took.

Second comment is that I just lost a game, and it immediately took me back to the menu. However, I could see there was a message from the other player, but was unable to read it due to automatically leaving the game and after that I could not return to it as it was finished.

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I've been enjoying the game for a few days now, and wanted to share some of the stuff I think can be improved:

  • When clicking on a building on the outer edge of the screen, the popup is shown, but often outside of the screen, and the screen doesn't shift to show both the building and the popup.
  • Sometimes clicking on a tile behind a puppet is difficult.
  • It would be nice to see if your online opponent is online or not (whether to wait for a new turn...)
  • I can imagine online games might never end if your opponent never takes a turn, is there a time-out or something for this?
  • It would be nice to see stats of how many games you played/won/lost

I'm sure some of it has been noted before, just trying to help by letting the dev's know. Good luck finishing the game! (It actually looks pretty finished already :-)