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Just played multiple games simultaneously without logging out of the game, and continuously got emails telling me a new turn was ready, which I already saw in-game. It would be nice if the email notification for new turns is turned off while you are in the game itself, as I now have a ton of emails telling me about turns I already took.

Second comment is that I just lost a game, and it immediately took me back to the menu. However, I could see there was a message from the other player, but was unable to read it due to automatically leaving the game and after that I could not return to it as it was finished.

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Yep, this is on the list of things to fix. The (minor) trickiness is that, since you don't have a persistent connection to the server (that is, the game reconnects to the server each time you load a game or send a turn or fetch new games or whatever), the server doesn't "know" when you're actually in-game. But I think we can work around this by simply putting off sending "your turn!" emails until your account hasn't made a server request for X minutes or whatever.