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A good game.

What I will say is that it feels that the game can be won or lost on area control. If you manage to control all areas and deny resources to opponents, then there will be no recovery and an automatic victory... to me it detracts from the theme as well.

Also its a bit confusing that there is only 1 thief in a theives' guild.

Don't discount the poor hard-working urchins! They're thieving for you every turn that they're embedded in a business! :)

Controlling resources and denying your opponent access to them, while they are trying to do the same to you, is what makes it a strategy game. Problems arise when there is a certain strategy that cannot be countered. Then the game becomes a simple race to see who can be first to push the 'I win' button.

I think the arbitrary point control is the problem. I can't see why people can benefit from the same locations. Multiple teams of Urchins stealing from the same area and if there are two many on the same site, the bobby (Police) investigating and scaring them off (lost to the players for a few turns but slowly come back) creating a risk reward mechanic, even using this to deny resources in this way.

Come to think of it, where are the Police? You'd think that the Police would be present in a game about thieves? Patrolling every turn and detecting in an area.

Patrolling police could be a map idea. ;p