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Hi. Thanks for opening up the First Access again. I watched Splattercat's 3 part series on the game and knew instantly that I had to try it. So far it's a fun game. A touch too easy but you've already stated that the AI is kinda stupid at the moment, and that's okay.

Just a suggestion. The character selection feautre is purely cosmetic. I think it would be cool if each character had a unique trait or ability or some such thing. I understand that that might prove probelmatic for multiplayer, so maybe the player could choose from a list of traits or abilities to make the character a little more unique. Perhaps it could be an in game feature, infiltrate 3 urchins into a unique building will unlock the PC's special ability, and the player and his/her opponent can fight over the building.

Thanks again for the cool game.

Thanks for the feedback - and yea, we do like the idea of having the Theives having something unqiue about each one of them. It's an idea we have on our table, but not sure when we'll get to look at it.