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A member registered Jan 06, 2017

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The 0.32.1 issue happened after I tried what you just suggested, which was to attempt to revert to a different version. I'm 99% sure that I selected the 23 May 2017 version, but now that version doesn't even appear. Maybe I selected a wrong version and ended up with 0.32.1, but it doesn't explain why the latest version is not showing up, does it?

Also, don't stress about. I'm sure there's a solution :)

Just an update. I am now getting 0.32.1 as the InDev version, and it won't update to the 0.32.2 InDev version.

Yeah, I'm launching it via the Itch app. When I click on the "Check for Update" button, nothing happenes. I can launch the game, and on the title screen - bottem right corner - it says : InDeb 0.34.2 - 3/28/2017. Above that it has a button labelled "Update Available". When I click it, it sends me to the website to download the latest version, but I'm reuqired to purchase the game, which I've already done when I first bought the game. So I'm not sure what's going on now.

Okay, I got the game to launch by rebooting Itch and reinstalling the game, but it won't update to 0.35. I also can't download the new version. It's asking me to purchase it again. Am I not updating the game properly?

Nope. Nothing. The game won't even launch now.

So I saw that the game has been updated to 0.35, but none of the features are available in the game. I started a new map, but nothing. Am I missing something?

Must you start a new game for the changes to take affect?

Hi. Thanks for opening up the First Access again. I watched Splattercat's 3 part series on the game and knew instantly that I had to try it. So far it's a fun game. A touch too easy but you've already stated that the AI is kinda stupid at the moment, and that's okay.

Just a suggestion. The character selection feautre is purely cosmetic. I think it would be cool if each character had a unique trait or ability or some such thing. I understand that that might prove probelmatic for multiplayer, so maybe the player could choose from a list of traits or abilities to make the character a little more unique. Perhaps it could be an in game feature, infiltrate 3 urchins into a unique building will unlock the PC's special ability, and the player and his/her opponent can fight over the building.

Thanks again for the cool game.