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It's my favorite joke of all time.

Same. I love the mechanics,but I'm missing a goal

Replied to TTIO in NSFWare comments

I have unfortunately no idea how to fix this  :(

I made the game on Adventure Game Studio (a game maker tool) and I don't have much influence on the quality of the build it gives me

Amazing game. Thank you!

Replied to vadix in NSFWare comments

Did you try the fix suggested on the download page? 
(open terminal on the folder, then type once:

sudo chmod +x NSFWare data/ags32
and to play:

If it doesn't work, I'm sorry : I have never used a Linux computer, the builds are generated automatically by Adventure Game Studio, I have absolutely no idea how to fix this :(

J'ai utilisé Adventure Game Studio, qui est un logiciel originalement conçu pour faire des point & clicks mais que je commence à connaître assez pour pouvoir le détourner à loisir. Le gros problème c'est qu'Adventure Game Studio ne permet pas de faire des builds pour mac :(

Une bonne idée n'est jamais qu'un mélange d'idées à la con :)

Merci :)

Thanks I guess

And thanks for the video!

Thanks. Why would there be any shaming? :)

Thank for your feedback! I think I'll make Sync and Share more merciful

for sync you have to press right or left when the cursor is in the yellow zone. And for share you have to keep the cursor in the central zone. What do you mean by requirements in a giver scene?

oui...ça devait être un projet à la con, et puis je m'y suis attaché et me suis un peu emporté sur le polish :s

Replied to Orsu in NSFWare comments

I'm glad you liked it!

Replied to dunin in NSFWare comments

Thanks a lot for the information, (and for Paint of Persia obviously) I'll add it on the page!

du coup je l'ai modifié un peu. Désormais il suffit que la culotte soit dans le cadre

je commence à me demander si le niveau Sext est pas tout simplement buggé...

Pour please IL faut suivre les instructions du monsieur (suivre son doigt). Pour sext cadrer madame dans l'écran du téléphone de manière à ce qu'on voit le haut de son crâne et sa culotte (celui là est vraiment pas clair je devrais peut être le refaire)

Quels niveaux posent le plus problème? Peut etre que je peux les rendre plus clairs/facile?

C'est juste dommage qu'il n'y ait pas la classement sur l'écran de mort (savoir combien il en restait)


c'est très beau

j'ai ri

Glad you liked it! It means a lot!

unfortunately I make my games with Adventure Game Studio and this software doesn't allow mac builds :'(

Hm...I don't know what the problem is. I'm using AGS to generate the Linux Builds. I guess I'm gonna remove the Linux build if it doesn't work. I'm really sorry :(

On windows or linux?

I uploaded a new Linux build. Maybe it works now? (Sorry I don't have a linux computer so I can't test it myself :/)

Hi. I played twice, and twice I got stuck at the chess players. No party for me. Is it the end of part 1? I see screenshots here that I haven't seen in the game

it says invalid upload :s

It says there should be data near the executable

Nice game!

I like how it echoes to a game of mine, Candy's Crushes Saga (https://pierrec.itch.io/candys-crushes-saga), where I also explored relationships with puzzlescript. Now I realize asexuality was missing in it, and I'm glad another game tackles this subject!

Stunning intro! And marvellous game. those shadows...

It's a beautiful game, I love how the constellations change every time. I really wish it was longer game, I want to know more about these characters.

Hi, this is weird, this is how the game is displayed on my computer:



I can tell by your screenshots this is not normal. I tried win32 and win64 on win10

I loved the cars piling up. If it's a bug, please leave it. The game reminded me a bit of Naut https://titouanmillet.itch.io/naut (in a good way)

I love the idea but the sounds come out weird ont my computer, like laggy, I don't think this is on purpose. Do you have a windows version as well? to try offline?

I LOVE THIS! Very trippy and fun (yes, making noise is fun!)

Also, it would be perfect in an exhibition (with the volume maxed, obviously)

Thank you :)