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Je n'arrive pas à le lancer :s
[EDIT: Ha si! hihihi]

thanks :)

Thank you a lot! :)

Anyway I loved the game! Do you project to add some levels? This could also become a great one player boardgame!

This is great! But why is the text so small?

I finished the game. Thank you. It was great.

Created a new topic Game crash


I bought the game and I'm enjoying it but It seems I'm unable to finish the campaign :(

On the level "The Ambush" (one of the last/first ones, you know what I mean) after I click Play, The title The Ambush appears on black screen, disapears, and then there's only a black screen. I still can hear the music and move my hand cursor, but nothing else

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With Michel:
-Interact with the cat thrice
-Look at the drawer
-Ask Anne-Marie for the key

With Anne-Marie
-Ask Salimata for the key
-Use Flask on Charles, Salimata, Anne-Marie, Michel, and Mr Fluffypants
-Take the laser pointer in your pocket.

With Salimata
-Pull on the power cord
-Pick up the screwdriver
-Give screwdriver to Anne-Marie
-Ask Charles to go to the toilets

With Anne-Marie while Salimata is away:
-Pick up the tamagotchi under the pillow
-Use screwdriver on tamagotchi
-Use battery on laser pointer

With Salimata
-Give the key to Anne-Marie

With Anne-Marie
-Give the key to Michel

With Michel
-Use key on drawer
-Give magazine to Anne-Marie

With Anne-MArie
-Give magazine to Salimata

With Salimata
-Use magazine on projector

With Anne-Marie
-Use laser pointer on screen

With Michel
-Kick the ball

Replied to Pierrec in Gemygo comments

It only happens when I use a gem to kill the ennemies. I managed to beat level 20 with bombs

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Hi! I love this game!

But I've got a weird bug everytime I reach level 20 with the brown character: I use the gem on myself to kill the ennemies, and the game gets stuck (hourglass cursor. I still can pick stuff from my inventory but not use it. The gem is consumed, but the ennemies aren't killed)


I use Adventure Game Studio to make game, thus I can only make them windows only. (the editor Pixel Hunt was kind enough to port some of them to the web). I should try to learn how to do this myself. Maybe I eventually will... :)

Nope. 0.91.
I'll download the new one and tell you if this bug still occurs

Replied to Pierrec in Bug reports

It was fixed the next turn : https://gyazo.com/cdce84514efbda7b34061ea4b14a3a04

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Hi. I've downloaded the game 2 days ago (so it might not be the freshest version?) and I found a weird bug:
After having attacked three doppelganger, they turned into harpies but kept forming a group by themselves (not mixing with the harpies nearby). This screenshot might help to understand the problem : https://gyazo.com/9b6852cfb01f5c3348bc09b7bd35d2cf
(Insane difficulty)

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Hi. Nice demo.

I've got a complaint though:

on the note about the coin there is a typo "wierd" instead of "weird". I don't really care about typos myself, I make a lot of them, but in this specific case it is really confusing, because I convinced myself this note was a "fake" one and that this typo was made on purpose to trick me!


Many people seem to have problem unziping this new version. I don't know what the problem is since I'm not the one who developped this one, and I'm not in good terms with the developpers anymore so I canno't ask :(

So I added the original ludum dare version with the old graphics and english mistakes.

I'm surprised people still remember and want to play this game ! Thanks you, it means a lot (it was one of my first games) !

Thanks for your report. I uploaded a new .zip file. Don't know if that'll help. I can't figure out what the problem is here :(

It works for me with Winrar. Which version did you download and which software dide you use?

Hi. The game is supposed to stop after the character creation, it's a kind of joke game. I'm sorry you were disappointed. If it can be of any comfort: I didn't get a single cent from that dollar: every "revenue" from my games is given directly to itch.io. if you didn't like the game, you still can tell yourself you supported an awesome game platform!

This is really good but also a bit too random. It can get really easy sometimes. I wish the difficulty was a bit higher (moving the parameters up add complexity, but not difficulty)