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Glad you liked it! It means a lot!

unfortunately I make my games with Adventure Game Studio and this software doesn't allow mac builds :'(

Hm...I don't know what the problem is. I'm using AGS to generate the Linux Builds. I guess I'm gonna remove the Linux build if it doesn't work. I'm really sorry :(

On windows or linux?

I uploaded a new Linux build. Maybe it works now? (Sorry I don't have a linux computer so I can't test it myself :/)

Hi. I played twice, and twice I got stuck at the chess players. No party for me. Is it the end of part 1? I see screenshots here that I haven't seen in the game

it says invalid upload :s

It says there should be data near the executable

Nice game!

I like how it echoes to a game of mine, Candy's Crushes Saga (https://pierrec.itch.io/candys-crushes-saga), where I also explored relationships with puzzlescript. Now I realize asexuality was missing in it, and I'm glad another game tackles this subject!

Stunning intro! And marvellous game. those shadows...

It's a beautiful game, I love how the constellations change every time. I really wish it was longer game, I want to know more about these characters.

Hi, this is weird, this is how the game is displayed on my computer:



I can tell by your screenshots this is not normal. I tried win32 and win64 on win10

I loved the cars piling up. If it's a bug, please leave it. The game reminded me a bit of Naut https://titouanmillet.itch.io/naut (in a good way)

I love the idea but the sounds come out weird ont my computer, like laggy, I don't think this is on purpose. Do you have a windows version as well? to try offline?

I LOVE THIS! Very trippy and fun (yes, making noise is fun!)

Also, it would be perfect in an exhibition (with the volume maxed, obviously)

Thank you :)

Don't forget to read the instructions

I really dig the gameplay and the graphics! But I wish I had a mad to find the gates because it is way too easy to get lost

Thank you. 

That music vs reading issue was a big dilemma during the making. I totally understand music (and especially singing) make reading hard, but I needed that ambiance. Airwave, by Ben Chandler eventually convinced me to add the music anyway, because in that game, it just works.

Hard as hell with a trackpad but wonderful!

At first I thought it was some kind of tamagoshi-like, but it's much greater than that! Still buggy though, can't get to the hacking games the second time.

A great puzzle!

And to reply to Secret Tunnel : I thought the game was impossible too, but after a bit of concentration, I realized it was actually pretty simple and finished it, it's just a rythm game after all

I didn't know PuzzleScript could do this...Congrats

Just played the tutorial and a first match against AI (which I won 5 to 0)  and I LOOOOOOOOOVE what I saw! Of course The AI turned out to be pretty dumb, but I was warned.
I'll be back to it for more constructive feedback :)

Best Watch Ducks so far! Keep up the good work!

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Je n'arrive pas à le lancer :s
[EDIT: Ha si! hihihi]

thanks :)

Thank you a lot! :)

Anyway I loved the game! Do you project to add some levels? This could also become a great one player boardgame!

This is great! But why is the text so small?

I finished the game. Thank you. It was great.

Created a new topic Game crash


I bought the game and I'm enjoying it but It seems I'm unable to finish the campaign :(

On the level "The Ambush" (one of the last/first ones, you know what I mean) after I click Play, The title The Ambush appears on black screen, disapears, and then there's only a black screen. I still can hear the music and move my hand cursor, but nothing else

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With Michel:
-Interact with the cat thrice
-Look at the drawer
-Ask Anne-Marie for the key

With Anne-Marie
-Ask Salimata for the key
-Use Flask on Charles, Salimata, Anne-Marie, Michel, and Mr Fluffypants
-Take the laser pointer in your pocket.

With Salimata
-Pull on the power cord
-Pick up the screwdriver
-Give screwdriver to Anne-Marie
-Ask Charles to go to the toilets

With Anne-Marie while Salimata is away:
-Pick up the tamagotchi under the pillow
-Use screwdriver on tamagotchi
-Use battery on laser pointer

With Salimata
-Give the key to Anne-Marie

With Anne-Marie
-Give the key to Michel

With Michel
-Use key on drawer
-Give magazine to Anne-Marie

With Anne-MArie
-Give magazine to Salimata

With Salimata
-Use magazine on projector

With Anne-Marie
-Use laser pointer on screen

With Michel
-Kick the ball

Replied to Pierrec in Gemygo comments

It only happens when I use a gem to kill the ennemies. I managed to beat level 20 with bombs

Posted in Gemygo comments

Hi! I love this game!

But I've got a weird bug everytime I reach level 20 with the brown character: I use the gem on myself to kill the ennemies, and the game gets stuck (hourglass cursor. I still can pick stuff from my inventory but not use it. The gem is consumed, but the ennemies aren't killed)


I use Adventure Game Studio to make game, thus I can only make them windows only. (the editor Pixel Hunt was kind enough to port some of them to the web). I should try to learn how to do this myself. Maybe I eventually will... :)

Nope. 0.91.
I'll download the new one and tell you if this bug still occurs

Replied to Pierrec in Bug reports

It was fixed the next turn : https://gyazo.com/cdce84514efbda7b34061ea4b14a3a04

Posted in Bug reports

Hi. I've downloaded the game 2 days ago (so it might not be the freshest version?) and I found a weird bug:
After having attacked three doppelganger, they turned into harpies but kept forming a group by themselves (not mixing with the harpies nearby). This screenshot might help to understand the problem : https://gyazo.com/9b6852cfb01f5c3348bc09b7bd35d2cf
(Insane difficulty)