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c'était pour faire une démo pour des étudiants c'était pas censé être joué T-T

mais non vous étiez pas censé joué à ça vous faites n'importe quoi

on no i've got a game idea

Very cute game

Really well done! 

thank you for the playthrough

It's always a bit startling the first time

I hope it ended well


thank you for the video and sorry the game eventually broke. It's possible the keys stopped responding because you pressed caps lock at some point. Or it's something else.

It's out!

I might do a french version later

I really love the collages!

kisses from Berlin

love it

I genuinely laughed

It's leading somewhere.
(now I just need to find time to finish this)

it even looks good!

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Playing around with puppetry + gameboy camera

Not sure if it will lead to something but I'm having fun!

Thank you very much

This is a great tool with great documentation

If I remember correctly, there are a certain number of zones you can tickles. One is randomly assigned as the "good one", you just need to quickly cycle through all of them. Might be a 3x3 grid

Glad to read that :)

The best interactive comic I ever played!

That's on purpose, sorry. The game was meant as some kind of prank. I probably would do it differently today.

Sorry, the game was made in Adventure Game Studio who doesn't allow to make web version :(

I will! Thanks


Thank you !

Thank you and sorry about the racist slur, english isn't my first language and it's not always easy to know what is appropriate or not.

Hi, this is a game I made a long time ago and english is not my native language. I suppose you're talking about the "break your neck" joke. It was a reference to the Busta Rhymes song, but I see now how it can be innapropriate. Sorry about that

du génie, bravo!

Thanks for sharing. I'm glad you're OK too. I guess a few people aren't as "lucky" as we are so I hope these testimonies will help people talking about it/preventing it.

Such a great mood (the Bastion track sure helps!), and such a great rythm!
I loved every bit of it.
I encountered a blocking bug after picking "heist going wrong" after playing it through once. The last lines displayed were :

Is there more bothering you?
Please select most relevant problem
You picked: crime trouble
Ready ?

But the Readu option never displayed

I found a bug that prevented me to play to the end which is a shame because I really loved what I saw so far : great writing, great mood, and I do enjoy the little emojis next to the options, it's not much but conveys a lot.
The bug happened when I wame back to the bedroom with the broken windows after finding the phone, after talking to Lee. the description of the room was displayed on screen, but no option was available, i was just stuck here. I will probable play it again!

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I just loved it! I managed to reach almost maximal efficiency on my first try. I really dig this Emotional Machine Intelligence concept. AL's my favorite. I always had a thing for professionnalism. I want to be its bodyguard.

Super impressive entry. And voice acting? Wow. I really dig the whole idea, even if I miserably failed my first playthrough. I will definitely come back to it (but I have to play all the other entries first!).

I must say I'm a little confused to see a game made for Inkjam with (almost) not text in it ^^
I made it to the end. It's not very fun as it is but it's the beginning of something. I hope you'll be able to finish what you had in mind.

Great setting/asmosphere. Some kind of Victorian Annihilation. It also reminds me of Beneath The World, A Sea by Chris Beckett ( a book I LOVE) but I'm not sure why

Good job on the characters! I really like that witch.
I must say however that there is something with the font that makes it tedious to read, I don't know if the the font itself, the white outline, the background, the long lines (I played on a wide screen) or a bit of everything but my eyes were super tired at the end. Worth it, but still ^^

Wow, this is super impressive. I don't know how you managed to make all this in 72h, congratulations. I'm glad I played this on the morning and not right before going to sleep ^^

It's one of the few I NEEDED to try again to see the other ending. I would love to play a longer version with a more progressive erasing (I feel the hobby/friends/family options are all too big to be picked by anyone. But that precise hobby, that precise friend, that could work)