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A child is lost in a sinkhole full of alien colors. But the expedition to save him may only make things worse...
Submitted by Sam Sarette (@SamuelSarette), WhimsicalEmber, MiFuWorks (@mifuworks) — 1 hour, 6 minutes before the deadline
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Overall feeling#133.9443.944

Ranked from 18 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Great work putting all this together, the story is intriguing, I like the art, the music, and the general theme is just cool. On the technical side, I struggled a lot with the interactive scenes but very much like them in principle. I also thought the parallax effect when moving the mouse was a cute touch which helps sell the first person perspective.

I really look forward to seeing what you do next!


Def impressed by what you all pulled together in the time! Especially the atmosphere and the mystery. (I also had to mess about with the screen a bit, in terms of finding how to click and move).


Thanks so much Stark! Goodness all three of us were definitely working at top speed for each of our parts which I think was how we were able to do everything we did in the game. Definitely most happy with ow the overall vibe and atmosphere comes across in the game as well ^-^ 

And yes it seems like quite a few players have had to sort of just click around the screen to figure out how to progress which we definitely want to change in a future update hopefully c;  Really glad you liked the game overall though and thanks for the feedback! 


Really loved the art and setting.

I did have to click around quite a lot to proceed - especially for the notes, to move onto going down the hole, it felt quite guessworky. 


Thanks BabelFish! Had a lot of fun creating all the artwork to bring out the whole world of the story ^-^ 

And yeah I think if we get to go in  and do another pass we want to telegraph the point and click exploration parts a bit more so the player isn't as in the dark as to the what and why their looking around the screen. Thanks for your feedback! c; 


Great setting/asmosphere. Some kind of Victorian Annihilation. It also reminds me of Beneath The World, A Sea by Chris Beckett ( a book I LOVE) but I'm not sure why


Thanks so much Pierre! We were definitely going for kind of a surreal Lovecraftian vibe, but with our own twist! Love the Annihilation comparison as that was very surreal and alien itself, and I've never personally checked out the Chris Becket book but the summary of it looks fantastic!  


Very enjoyable game. I was very engrossed and wished it was longer!  The artwork was amazing and the whole game was very creative.  Great job!


Thanks so much PJ! We had a lot of fun with the whole creation process! Honestly I think we're all surprised with exactly how long it is given the time we had to create it! I'm glad the world really pulls you in c; 


Very neat. I seem to have encountered a soft lock/bug that prevented me from continuing into the pit scene, but I really liked what I saw of it


Hey thanks for playing and letting us know about the issue! I just had another player private message me asking about the same problem.

I had found a problem if I clicked on Tenerife to go down myself. What you're supposed to do is investigate  the notes of whoever who've picked to go down to progress. Zamiras are on the left on top of the desk and Tenerifes are sorta off screen in a briefcase on the bottom right hand side of the screen. Tenerefes briefcase seems to be just offscreen enough that the hitbox for it doesn't activate unless you really press down in that direction and click around. 

I hope that helps and again thanks for reporting the problem! We're definitely  hoping to go in there and clean things up a bit more once the voting period had ended c;