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A really fun game a great twist on the classic tetris. The game's settings are worth diving into, turning on "unicolor" and turning off "popups"  will help significantly with piece recognition and maintaining flow. 

As of this review I've got a score of 240500 in regular mode, which is just enough to get me onto the top 10 of the current scoreboard.

The other game modes are also good fun and can provide a different kind of challenge. When you play any level you return to the main menu so expect a lot of menu navigation if you plan on playing the extra challenging "compact" mode.

Its a compelling game to play, especially once you have a handle it.

I really enjoyed the atmosphere and artwork of the game, the howling wind well chosen, an the art delightfully simple. I may spoil some of the game in this comment so if you're reading this before playing, think about that.

I was able to become familiar with the landscape, and was entertained by the game's limits.  The stark simplicity felt right for the environment, and aided the poetic element. 

The lack of in game log, or map, and limited field of view, served the game well. If such a project were replicated on a larger scale, then it would almost certainly lead me to take my own notes. This is something I would enjoy, and it would evoke that classic adventure game feel in the vein of Zork or CYOA books.

The ProcGen element of the game worked well, and when I finished playing the game I felt a small sense of loss in the knowledge that I could never return. Even if I were to enter the world again it wouldn't be my world. The fact that there is no way to recover a world by entering a seed, solidifies this experience. Although personally I would've liked to get a seed, thematically I think it the right choice that this barren land can only truly be visited once.

For a short exploration, the game was a good size, I appreciated the way the world border was managed, it took me a little while find it (and I like that). I almost wanted the place to be larger, and initially imagined it to be so. It was a pleasure to feel out the world, and to later become familiar with the small corner I was stranded in.

I liked that WASD and Arrowkeys were both acceptable inputs, but lament the lack of a mute key(Even though I loved the wind, it is what ultimately caused me to close the game). I liked the font choice, I liked the character set, I'm a little saddened that the textboxes didn't quite match that aesthetic.

The text was great, it intrigued me, I was reading through a lot of the world sometimes deliberately more than once. I would occasionally become so engrossed in the text that I would forget what direction I walked in to read it (this stalled me occasionally, but was no big deal). The fact that a lot of the text was subtly different was key to my experience, and because of it I spent longer reading than I might in many other games. I encountered several different types of living plant, and enjoyed learning of different coloured fruit. 

Plants, alters, tables, chairs, and small bones were the most defined items I encountered. Another person (I hope) would find more defined metal or pottery. The mystery was interesting but I was a little forlorn when I realised no ceramic in my world was in a particularly informative state. It could well be luck of the draw, and I know how tight a game jam can be, but I relished every moment of detail I encountered and wished there could have been more (although I know you wanted to keep things relatively open ended).

One quirk that I found particularly amusing was the number of three legged seats, I think just about every stool or chair I encountered was missing exactly one leg (or didn't make a comment on legs and thus didn't stand out as much in my mind).  I wanted to mention this in my tweet, making some comment about a chair-leg-stealing-demon of some kind being the cause of this towns' ruin, but it didn't feel like the right tone. Similarly I encountered a lot of marshland, almost enough to think the place was once underwater(the trident added to this opinion). It would have been nice to see more life around the marsh rather than the rocky barren land elsewhere. 

In summary - I liked it, it was poetic, and you managed to pin down a very specific and emotive tone. If you made a similar game on a larger scale, (naturally with different setting) then I would probably play it.    

This game got reviewed on a gaming news website!

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