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A pretty neat implementation of Renegade/Reversi/Turncoat/Othello™
Not a game I play often, so it took a couple games to get my brain in gear. However I was able to defeat the unnamed robot! 

Showing where pieces can be placed is a neat touch that humans will appreciate!
Othello for the GameBoy released in 1990 and did not offer such hints
A traditionalist might want to turn off those hints, and may prefer a board which is a plain grid (although I prefer the way you've done it)


Your feedback is so kind thank you! I have been wondering what the traditional names are so thank you for that I'll have to do some research! I will definitely be updating this soon, I'll add an option to turn it off (in hindsight I prefer that, especially for multiplayer with a friend now I'm thinking about it, half the fun might come from them not spotting a move.) I made the grid that way from my days with chess it just felt right so thank you :)