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It was a creative decision that came from being lazy running out of time XD

We would have loved too, 5 hours just wasn’t enough time for us unfortunately! Thank you for playing :D

Thank you so much for how to fix it! We’ll get it ready for when the jam end <3

It is in development as we speak!

Just watched your reaction, glad you liked it! (sorry not sorry about the ending xD)

Hey thank you!

The FPS issue is totally my fault, I thought it would be cool to have it all be one seamless level but it comes at the cost of loading all that at the same time! You are lucky you couldn't scan the code, you can probably guess where it would have led you (sorry I had to)

Glad you seem to like it overall though, the issues you describe are totally fixable so I am more than happy with that!

Added! Amazing time I didn’t think it would be possible!

For some reason this just happens sometimes, enjoy infinite purgatory! (Ok I should fix it at some point, sorry!)

No what has happened here! I haven't seen the player disappearing yet oh no aha

All super fair points I totally agree. Maybe if we didn't give ourselves the extra challenge of only 2 days we could have made it better but for what it is I am super happy!

Thanks man :D

The vast majority of the game was made in a day because of the additional challenge I added and time zones! Both of those ideas sound really good, the moving towards the centre I had planned to add, but I simply ran out of time!

yooooo thats a pretty fitting name you have there!!

That is so kind of you, really glad you like it! And you made it to the leaderboard :D

No that pushes me off the leaderboard xD

Thank you :D

So close to the top!

Really glad you enjoyed it for what it is, just a bit of simple fun! Congrats on second, I’ll have to try and beat you myself now xD

Glad you enjoyed it, and great time it has been added!

Added! Awesome job :D

that’s exactly what we wanted, awesome thanks!

ahh whoops! Didn’t catch that, sorry!

Well I am glad you like the gameplay thats what matters to me!

I was thinking while playing it this might be a fun mobile tile waister game, who knows maybe a making a game in a week challenge or something xD. Thanks for playing!!

I think thats a pretty fair evaluation, we might have kept it too simple! Glad you like it though thanks for playing :D

ah no what :O it worked for me earlier :(

It is congratulations!!

Hadn't heard of the fullscreen issue that is very bizarre. The jumping stuff is reeealy messy since you dont really collide with anything at all. I tried all last night to fix it but to no avail, but it is being worked on. Hopefully fixed sometime soon!

now that was a seamess pun ;)

yep I made the same mistake myself and forgot to fix it, whoops!

That is some amazing feedback thank you! An update is already in the works, but it is (probably unsurprisingly) becoming a lot more difficult than imagined to get it all working with tighter controls. The lines around the boxed could be an interesting idea, although it would go against the name seamless a bit aha. I will try it all out!

Thank you for the support!

please tell me this was a coincidence xD

Added! Well done :D

Neither can I, I have no idea how they did it, its remarkable

That is a great time! The top of the leaderboard has your name written all over it :D

Part 2 is already in development, with a plan for a full release some time this year (hopefully!!)

Don’t blame yourself, the game is a tad too hard! It is always really difficult to judge a jam game because I spent so long playing while developing it felt too easy to me! We will definitely improve the difficulty curve for next time!