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Thanks for stopping by!

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Thanks! In real life there's no way I would've gone down there...

Thanks! Done a fair amount of movie trawling in my time.

What a lovely piece of storytelling. A snapshot into a wider world.

This was fun! I think I picked the right witches because I knew them, or used the photos to guess, so all of my encounters were on the good side. But I really like the concept. Definitely something that could be expanded!

Thank you! And thanks for playing.

This was excellent. Immersive storytelling and great use of typography; love the slightly melancholy nature of it.

I loved this! Very smooth, great graphics and a fun story. I was a charismatic turtle!

This was entirely excellent. Great dialogue and narrative, interesting choices. And I managed to make it through on the first try.

This was a great concept that kept me trying over and again. I managed to get into the knowledge base entry and read what was there, but kept on through impending dooms. Really good.

This was great fun! I played through a couple of times before eventually succeeding. Original theme, tapping into my ikea nightmares.

Really liked this, smart and Kafkaesque. Took me a few goes to get the hang of things, and I'll admit I gave up before the end after getting quite far through and failing... But certainly original and engaging.

Thanks for playing! (And now THERE'S an idea to expand on...)

Thank you so much! I agree, some sections I think are stronger than others, but glad you enjoyed overall. :)

This was great; well-written and engaging, with a fun setting. A jolly good time was had by all.

Def impressed by what you all pulled together in the time! Especially the atmosphere and the mystery. (I also had to mess about with the screen a bit, in terms of finding how to click and move).

Nice one. Neat way to explore the reflexive refresh!

Thanks! I felt like I was being a bit, err, on the nose but that's what I came up with on the Friday night so that's where it went!

Thank you! I was hoping to achieve something like that.

Thought this was a memorable game; short but poignant and effective. 

Very slick storytelling indeed; I played through twice (having got glimpses of the fantastical the first time around). Weirdly I think I preferred the mundane ending as a result, and the dream-like, unexplained events.

Likewise, I didn't win, just got eaten! But it was fun; especially enjoyed how the environment and denizens roamed, and the combination of fantastical and mundane. Also I made lots of knotty decisions going forward and back and I think there was only one mistake that I noticed, which considering the amount of shifting about is impressive!

Thanks for playing! I was tempted to extend but still found myself scrambling at the end as it was...

Thanks so much for playing!

Really enjoyed this; vivid setting and immersive world-building that reminded me of a sort of post apocalyptic Secret of Kells! Great addition of the map, too.

Thank you for playing; and I really appreciate the feedback. It's definitely more of a story than a game – and so I get what you mean about the choices. Things to think about for next time! I'm glad there were elements you liked too. :)

Thanks so much for playing! I realised at a certain point that I'd given myself, err, quite a lot to do, in terms of variation. Glad it came across, as was worried that some of the instances were too subtle or small...

Thanks for playing! Yes, I realised mid-way through I'd made things hard for myself by having people take things *out* during action rather than the opposite or both. But by that point the reverse gear had long disappeared... Ah well, lessons for next time!

Ha ha, hello!

(Also last night when I went to play through I was like, oh, Olivia Wood. Wait, THE Olivia Wood?!)

Thank you for playing!

This was fun. Glad I read the description so I knew it wasn't going to keep going forever, but it was a poignant reminder of childhood (carboot sales...) with a great ending. 

This is great. Really enjoyed playing through a few times (and the unexpected events...)

This is great!

Thank you for playing!