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I'm still getting around to them. In browser ones first, then some of the others. Just been very very busy!

This is exactly what I wanted. I think I was being an utter fool - but everything I found and downloaded seemed to need some skill beyond double clicking. You pointed me correctly! :) Thank you

Here I reveal my dark crime against IF.
This: https://github.com/garglk/garglk is terrifying. What do I? How do I? Um?

I stroll across to the install and it starts talking about jam. Now, I'm as fond of jam as any other toast consuming creature - but...
(In short, can someone point me at a foolish-person suitable inform interpreter/z-parser?)

I'm willing to make an emotional trade: I won't apologise for my work if you guys don't. Everything here is going to be flawed in some way, that's the point - if it wasn't, it would be current work, or finished and published. I know it's bloody hard not to predict people's reactions. But I've learned from experience - preempting people's opinions of your work by talking it down doesn't make it hurt less if they don't like it. Sometimes it might get you insincere niceness - but we won't learn from that. And we're creators - we want to learn, improve. (I'm assuming, but I'll lay money I'm right.)

(Note: talking yourself down doesn't make it hurt less when people are horrid about you, either. I've a ton of these great lessons to hand.)

Our work is up here. It's our work. It's not perfect. That's OK.

Sorry if this comes across as patronising or anything - but like the first thing I saw on several of the projects was the creator talking about how bad it was. I was tempted to too. Just made me a bit sad to see.

"Dungeons and Douchebags" <-- I like this title far more than I probably should. :)