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I wish the choices had felt a little less like guesswork, that there were clues to guide me to making the right choice. (Although - maybe I missed them?) Interesting setting and writing, but I felt like I was just clicking through till I solved it, a little.

Fixed this, so I'll upload a new version post end of the jam, thank you!

That's odd! I'll give it a poke - thank you! BAD GAME BAD BEHAVE!

Really loved the art and setting.

I did have to click around quite a lot to proceed - especially for the notes, to move onto going down the hole, it felt quite guessworky. 

Interesting. I did not 'win'. I would have liked a way to skip the intro and get to the picking of items faster, so that I could repeat it more easily.

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Very clever. Tested a couple of routes because I have the power of multiple browsers and incognito mode. ;) Think it's both excellent and a shame that I need to do that, because seeing the other alternatives were really good, but how it worked made it... uh.. work.

Didn't manage to buy a sofa after 3 plays, but still had fun trying... :)

I'm another 'oh, this reminds me of seedship' - but the endings make it distinct. Played it a few times. :)

ahahahaha :) this makes me happy. Writers are such nerds. <3

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Very, very good. :)
I should say more than that. I found this interesting, in that I saw what was happening reasonably fast, and so started gameifying it - keeping things in the tin in the hopes I could pass it to myself, making an assumption about what would help me the most, later. It didn't spoil it for me - it worked despite that - but did mean I wanted to play again. So, double good.

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Haven't played long enough to get into trouble, but I like what I've seen. I am slightly puzzled how to make money, as I can't seem to sell the things I scavenge [edit: just found out how - but it led me to a point where there were no options (bug)!]. (I'm planting and growing seeds, however). I did encounter a bug where there were no options - but restarting did save my progress with the credentials, which was a nice touch. I want to see more of it, but am trying to play a big of every game in the jam, so a shorter grind would do it favours. :)

ahahaha I was quite tired with well everything could it possibly have shown? :) thank you

thank you :)

*the* stark holborn? Nunslinger Stark Holborn?!

I'm assuming it *is* possible to 'win', I didn't achieve it. Liked it a lot though - lots of thoughtful combinations of interactions.

can't get beyond the very first screen... :(

Finish it! :) So far so interesting.

Really nice idea. A few typos, but I noticed you were planning to fix stuff.
For something unfinished, it's pretty slick. :)

Fun. Glad for the 'take me back to where I failed' - made it fun rather than frustrating. Nice neat design.

Does rock paper scissors end? Wasn't sure whether I'd completed the game or stuck myself in a loop!

I found the idea behind it interesting, but it was difficult to use the code when I didn't know what options were coming up afterwards. Made it more frustrating than fun, at times - in that I was trying to do the right thing, but a previous choice stymied me. That would have been fine, but it sent me back right to the beginning each time and I couldn't speed through by clicking, I had to wait for text to load. I think all this needed to rebalance this towards interesting from frustrating was a skip or speed up function for already seen scenes.

Really cute game. Needed an indicator that it wasn't endless, or for the ending to come a little faster, but really liked it.

Really cute. I *was* a brave turtle!

I enjoyed it - but I don't know whether there's an ending I've not got, or it just continues in a loop once you've worked out what's going on. Could only find one word recognised by the knowledge base, maybe that's it? (Don't want to say more to indicate what occurred in case I spoil it!) I *think* I've tried all the possible options everywhere else, including the phone conversation.

Enjoyed exploring, would like to read more. Good music choice, too. :)

I'm still getting around to them. In browser ones first, then some of the others. Just been very very busy!

This is exactly what I wanted. I think I was being an utter fool - but everything I found and downloaded seemed to need some skill beyond double clicking. You pointed me correctly! :) Thank you

Here I reveal my dark crime against IF.
This: is terrifying. What do I? How do I? Um?

I stroll across to the install and it starts talking about jam. Now, I'm as fond of jam as any other toast consuming creature - but...
(In short, can someone point me at a foolish-person suitable inform interpreter/z-parser?)

"Dungeons and Douchebags" <-- I like this title far more than I probably should. :)