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Fools guide to installing z-machine readers?

A topic by BabelFishWars created Jun 20, 2016 Views: 392 Replies: 3
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Here I reveal my dark crime against IF.
This: is terrifying. What do I? How do I? Um?

I stroll across to the install and it starts talking about jam. Now, I'm as fond of jam as any other toast consuming creature - but...
(In short, can someone point me at a foolish-person suitable inform interpreter/z-parser?)


Err... I don't understand what problem you ran into. You tried installing one of these, right?

Failing that, maybe this older interpreter works better for you?

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The Inform 7 site has a list of different interpreters for glulx/blorb files. There are several different ones and people often switch depending on the game and their preferences.

On the github site for Gargoyle, you can hit the green "Clone or Download" button, and then "Download Zip" and it should give you the install file like you're expecting it.


This is exactly what I wanted. I think I was being an utter fool - but everything I found and downloaded seemed to need some skill beyond double clicking. You pointed me correctly! :) Thank you