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Evil, sealed away for Aeons, has been Released.

The Cursèd Pickle of Shireton is a Interactive Fiction sendup of the MMORPG genre - from text-based MUDs through Ultima Online, to World of Warcraft. Create a character, take on quests, gather loot, save the universe! (Not necessarily in that order...)

Thank you! It always makes me happy to hear people enjoy the vibe of this world. A couple of these characters wound up having brief cameos in my next game - which is not adult and very different! 

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I'm so glad you enjoyed it and got the full ending! I'm also so happy people have discovered the karaoke section since it's buried deep in the menus. While I was creating RSPM, there was a period of about six weeks where I couldn't drive the car without being all "...cuz it doooooesn't seem reeeeeeeeal..." :)

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Version 1.3 - Corrected numerous minor text errors based on gracious feedback. [Thank you F.D. and agentmidnight!]

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Very cool! I tried a reading and was a little unnerved until I realized the deck is only the Major Arcana! If you work any further on this, it'd be great to see the Minor Arcana, and possibilities for cards to turn up reversed (upside-down).

I often have people test my unpublished games in DRAFT mode by sharing the "secret" URL that the game page will generate in draft mode.

I've never thought about this, but wanted to make sure: visiting an itch page with a secret URL only allows the user to play the game and not edit the page nor the theme nor change anything, correct? I assume they'd have to be logged in as me to make changes. The wording that's confusing is "Only those who can edit the project can view the page" but I've shared that URL with people for testing and they can indeed view the page. Is the secret URL also giving them access to edit the project and I'm not aware of this?

Should I be using "restricted" access and a password for this type of thing instead?

Thank you, I had a blast recreating it!

Oh wow! Glad you enjoyed(?) it! XD

I think I know why that would happen as I fixed similar bugs in other passages like that. I will have to dig through the code again and see if I can repair it. Thank you!

Is it better to start with Human Resource Machine, or does this game stand alone?

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You can think of every room or location in and around Cragne Manor as its own self-contained mini-game or mini-adventure. Rooms either have everything you need to solve it provided in the location, or require (usually) one item that can be found  elsewhere, such as a key to unlock a door, or some kind of lore hint that will help such as a code or instructions  from a book or text written on another item. 

(Don't get confused if you get into a situation where you can't, say, cut an object with a seemingly legitimate other sharp object - most puzzles require you to use a specific thing and you need to find it. Think of it as a key even though in real-life you could logically cut the same string with the rusty scissors or the steak knife... You have to use the correct object.)

Right at the beginning of the game, you can access an item that will help a lot.

Go south from the train platform, and pick up the coffee cup. Go south again and find a book in the trash can and read it. It will teach you how to do "coffee creamer divination". From then on, examining the coffee cup will let you know if you have everything you need to solve the current room you're in, if you need to search elsewhere outside the room for an item to solve the room, or if you've completed the room and can check it off the list of things to do!

Realize many of the rooms also have optional content outside the main puzzle tracks not required to finish the game , but which is well-worth exploring.

I loved this a lot! An absolutely stellar use of Twine. I very much appreciated the presentation, the effective use of sound, and the interesting escape mechanics. 

Hilarious extreme absurdist horror farce that all pulls together perfectly. I enjoyed it immensely.

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Keep an eye out for the red triangle!

Itch support confirmed there were problems with web games in the previous app. Update to 25.0.0 ( ) and all seems well!

Let me know if you have any other issues, and thank you for alerting me. I actually really like the app now!

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I just updated the updated itch desktop app on my Windows 10 machine, and both Breeding Princesses and another game in the same system installed and loaded and ran fine with the music from the ZIP files it downloaded from the main page. 

Have you updated the desktop app? If it still gives you problem, delete the game file and re-download (choose the ZIP version if you have a choice) and install it. If that still doesn't work, perhaps you might need to rip and reinstall the itch desktop client? 

I didn't even realize this, but itch recently updated the desktop app. Is that what you're using, or the old one? I haven't tried the new one yet.

Yeah, it doesn't appear to work in the app at all. Try the browser version from Chrome or download and run the aforementioned file. 

The missing file is music, and it plays fine on the game page on

I did not provide a separate zip file for download thinking that people would just play online. It appears the app is downloading just the .html game file without the supporting folder of media, which doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

I have just uploaded a complete zip named Try downloading and playing that (or running in the if that works?) and see if you still get the errors.

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UPDATE: If you use the app, update to 25.0.0 to resolve problems with web games! ( )

Hi, I'm sorry to hear you got error messages. I'm also a bit surprised - this is a preview demo so there might be a few loose ends, but they shouldn't occur "at every turn".

Did you download the file or are you playing it on the page? Which browser are you using? If you can give me a bit more specific information what went wrong, I will definitely take a look. 

Thank you for your feedback! - Hanon

If you post on forums or message boards, many of them have a place to enter your personal website or create a signature for all your messages. This can be the URL to your game page. I've noticed daily page views to my own website from doing that, so people do click on them. 

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Update Gargoyle here to play on Mac with sound :

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Playing in a browser may cause a problem if your security settings will not let the game write a small configuration file. If that occurs, offline play is recommended by downloading the .gblorb file from the title screen and opening in a Glulx interpreter of your choice such as Windows Glulxe, Gargoyle, or Lectrote.

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Playing in a browser may cause a problem if your security settings will not let the game write a small configuration file. If that occurs, offline play is recommended by downloading the .gblorb file from the title screen and opening in a Glulx interpreter of your choice such as Windows Glulxe, Gargoyle, or Lectrote.

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There is a waste bin in the bakery, although it may not be obvious. The Baker will automatically dispose of any burned loaves when you pick them up (TAKE BREAD). 

Not in the demo, however there are optional side paths and will be more in the final game. The final game will likely hit one specific ending, but there will be several lanes on the way there.

If we made a demo that was submitted to Lewd Jam, can we submit the complete game to this?

Lewd Jam EXTEND community · Created a new topic Extend?

So I enjoyed submitting to this jam, but I'm curious what the reason for extending it was? Are some people still trying to enter games to it? Are we being encouraged to extend games beyond the demo?

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SINGS ALONG "Puuuuuush the red buuuuuuuutoooooooon. Puuuuuuush. The. Red Buuuuuuutooooooon. Puuuuush theeee reed buuuutoooooon <keychange> PUUUUUSHH THEEE REEED BUUUUUUUTOOOOOOOOON...PU-USH..THE-EE-RED BUUUUUUUUUU. TOOOOONNN..."

"...certain fetishes cheer." <snrrk!>

Or maybe if the links faded to mostly transparent if they're not moused over for a period of time?

I have played a couple of games in the browser where the stacked links on the right "Rate this game" "More like this" etc actually have blocked content I needed to see on a game with no full-screen button. 

Is there a way to hide these temporarily or make them transparent or maybe dock them off-screen for cases like this?

A perfect gem of mounting dread. This is Missile Command from the arcades of the 80s, but with a sense of personal investment. Thrilling and satisfying, especially if you fancy yourself a typist - this will test you.

I actually have posted this request to the AXMA developers. I get this feedback on every ASM game I've put out. 

Great job on this.

Absolutely stunning. Meet it halfway: turn the lights down, get comfortable and wear headphones. No jumpscares, but tasty existential dread.

That makes total sense as the college experience!

Can't play! I'm on a Mac!

I enjoyed this a lot. Subtle horror with lots left to the imagination.

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A stripped-down resource management game. I didn't do a lot of exploring and worked hard on the project, but got a mediocre grade. I don't think this is what the author intends.