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Cragne Manor

20th anniversary of classic horror game Anchorhead. 84 authors. One ridiculous tribute. · By bavarianrobotdiner

Getting Started

A topic by Hanon Ondricek created Dec 19, 2018 Views: 402
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You can think of every room or location in and around Cragne Manor as its own self-contained mini-game or mini-adventure. Rooms either have everything you need to solve it provided in the location, or require (usually) one item that can be found  elsewhere, such as a key to unlock a door, or some kind of lore hint that will help such as a code or instructions  from a book or text written on another item. 

(Don't get confused if you get into a situation where you can't, say, cut an object with a seemingly legitimate other sharp object - most puzzles require you to use a specific thing and you need to find it. Think of it as a key even though in real-life you could logically cut the same string with the rusty scissors or the steak knife... You have to use the correct object.)

Right at the beginning of the game, you can access an item that will help a lot.

Go south from the train platform, and pick up the coffee cup. Go south again and find a book in the trash can and read it. It will teach you how to do "coffee creamer divination". From then on, examining the coffee cup will let you know if you have everything you need to solve the current room you're in, if you need to search elsewhere outside the room for an item to solve the room, or if you've completed the room and can check it off the list of things to do!

Realize many of the rooms also have optional content outside the main puzzle tracks not required to finish the game , but which is well-worth exploring.