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still working on bugs, please come back in a few :)

Hiya, I'm fixing some formatting bugs this evening. In the meantime, enjoy this buggy version :)

Rules Lawyer - AI Assistant trained on your favorite game's SRD answers rules questions with accuracy and precision

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Where do I go to chat, collaborate, and find people to partner up with?

The best place to chat with the community is our Discord server

What are packages??? For a high level overview watch Dev's Introduction to Foundry Development

What kind of stuff won last year? Check out this video

Are there any written resources for developing on Foundry VTT? Sure are!

What other questions do you have? Please ask away!

To further clarify some of what Subsoap said, Coil is currently the only payment sending service. Coil will send at a reduced rate once the user has paid 4.50USD but this lower rate isn't documented. It will continue paying out even after the user has paid 5.00USD (the user won't get charged extra).

There is no way for the content creator to request an amount. This is by design. It's not meant to feel transactional like a purchase. Think of it as an extra benefit of their existing Coil subscription to patronize their favorite creators and get special content unlocks.

Since you are receiving transaction amounts every second, you could lock content unless it's paying at a certain rate. This is a tad scummy because they are still paying something, and they can't "refund" the payment even if Coil wanted to.

This one delivers on the jam theme perfectly!

Strategically ingratiating oneself with AI personalities is such a cool idea.K-DO explained just enough of the mechanics of the game to make me invested in my choices

Excellent typography!

Played through. Wasn't able to get to a real ending, but enjoyed the voice acting, especially the German-speaking French accent!

Very neat. I seem to have encountered a soft lock/bug that prevented me from continuing into the pit scene, but I really liked what I saw of it

I thought the characters' unique personalities stood out, and I thought the story/dialogue had good pacing