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I found a bug that prevented me to play to the end which is a shame because I really loved what I saw so far : great writing, great mood, and I do enjoy the little emojis next to the options, it's not much but conveys a lot.
The bug happened when I wame back to the bedroom with the broken windows after finding the phone, after talking to Lee. the description of the room was displayed on screen, but no option was available, i was just stuck here. I will probable play it again!

Ahhh dang. I'm going to go through after the jam and fix some issues. My biggest problem was overscoping (hah, ain't that always the case), and not leaving myself sufficient testing time. But thanks for playing!

Thanks again for this. I've been able to reproduce it (it's going to that bedroom three times) – I had an invisible fallback choice that used a * instead of a +! I'm working though a few other bugs, but plan to do an update with some of these annoying things fixed, hopefully this week.