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Thanks again for this. I've been able to reproduce the bug, and have fixed it (a * for a + on a fallback choice... of course it would be something so small). I'm doing some bug fixes and will update the game this week.

Thanks again for this. I've been able to reproduce it (it's going to that bedroom three times) – I had an invisible fallback choice that used a * instead of a +! I'm working though a few other bugs, but plan to do an update with some of these annoying things fixed, hopefully this week.

Ahhh dang. I'm going to go through after the jam and fix some issues. My biggest problem was overscoping (hah, ain't that always the case), and not leaving myself sufficient testing time. But thanks for playing!

Ah, dang, more testing required! Thanks for playing, though. When the jam is over, I have a list of things to clean up so hopefully you'll be able to see the rest!

Really lovely piece of IF.

A really engaging piece! I really liked the stylish, well-deployed formatting, too. That really enhanced it.

I loved it! It's soft and compelling and I very quickly felt an emotional reaction to each little disappointment and triumph!

Thanks so much! Yeah, I wish I'd left myself more time to test... well, everything but particularly that scene. When the jam is over, hopefully I'll have time to go back and patch everything up. Thanks for playing.

Thank you, Stewart! And to everyone for their amazing games. I had a grand time playing through them all and seeing all the interesting and clever things people had done. There were so many excellent entries that this is a genuine shock (and delight) to me! <3