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Thanks, Danjuro!

To your questions:

  • The saboteur can scout buildings. More specifically, he can scout any unscouted district anywhere on the map, and in doing so he'll reveal the location of the primary building in that district. (He doesn't scout street tiles.)
  • Re: gang health -- definitely not a newbie trap! :) -- I frequently boost my gang's health in order to prevent him from being one-shotted by an enemy gang or thief. That said, thugs are a bit overpowered right now. In an upcoming patch, their starting health will be reduced to 1.
  • Totally agree that the Strangefellows Level 2 is a bit underpowered. In the forthcoming patch, it will be modified so that it gives all Gangs AND Thugs +1 health -- and this will apply to existing gangs and thugs as well as newly-spawned ones.
  • Re: friends list - probably not at launch, as it's a fairly big undertaking and I'm hoping that e.g. the Steam Friends List can carry us some of the way there. That said, the longevity of the multiplayer component is hugely important to me -- it's why I created the game. We'll be adding leaderboards, stats, and whatnot for sure; and if there's lots of demand for a friends list, we will look into that as well!

Thank you for the explanation about the saboteur's scouting: I didn't know (nor figure) you could use to raise the fog on districts.

And aw! the thug nerf is going to hurt the thug lovers ;D

See you in-game!

Ah, another small question (it probably was explained in the tutorial, but...) : I thought the burglary reward were 2 coins -> 1 coin -> nothing, but sometimes, when I enter a building, I get a lantern while, honnestly, I am really looking for coins. Is it random, or because the building had already been visited by the other player, or maybe is it tied to the Art Critic perk (it seems to be happening later in the game, although it could just be an impression)?

Thank you for your help in advance.

Per the devs:

"Burgling a large money sack will either give 2 coins or 1 lantern, with about a 25% chance of getting 1 lantern. Small sack always gives 1 coin. THere's no way to know what you'll get from a large sack ahead of time."

I think I've received nothing, at times, when burgling a dark building (which means it hasn't be burgled, yet). So I'm not certain dark buildings always have a large money sack waiting, or if there's a chance it contains nothing.

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Ah, thank you. I wonder if not receiving anything from a dark building isn't tied to the fact that you didn't scout it, but maybe your adversary did, and already retrieved some? That would be logical, although I am not dedicated enough to have tried it myself in a fake hotseat session.

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If your opponent has gotten to the building first, you will get nothing (or 1 coin if they've only visited the building once). So, all dark buildings are guaranteed to have burglary rewards at the beginning of the game, but your opponents can change the playfield out from under you :)

(Also, it's possible that a dark building that doesn't have footprints next to it has still been burgled by an opponent saboteur.)

So if my opponent burgles for the first time a building that shows dark for me, it will continue to show dark for me? In other words, only buildings I burgle for the first time change from dark to light?

When a building is dark it just means that you haven't scouted it yet - which usually means there's still a burglary in it. (Unscouted/dark buildings also don't reveal whether they're guarded or have enemy urchins in them.)